it was a dark and stormy night...

So I stayed home and got drunk.
Then I fell asleep masturbating.
I woke up with cheese curl orange stuff all over me.
I took a pill and went back to sleep.
Thank goodness for days off.

The American Dream.

A remarkably insular life, oops, I mean poem. :astonished:

Captain Jack…

it’s definitely something…

I can feel the envy in this thread.

envy what?: poetic skill or morning cheese crusties?

All of it. Mostly, my ability to be not just content, but completely elated by such a life.

I read something inspiring on a bathroom wall today.

It read:

Here I sit,
Broken hearted
Came to shit,
But only farted

Not only is that a tragedy in that it was a waste of time, also, this poor fellow had his hopes up.
In that very moment when he had to face it and walk out of that stall, his dream, however small, of shitting, was crushed.
We’ve all felt that before.
That’s one thing all humans have in common.
It’s the basis of morality I think.
Just think about it.
It’s beautiful.

something i said yesterday:

The thing about human desire is that once you attain them, you will simply develop greater desires which are probably harder to achieve.

The only logical conclusion is to have fucked up desires.

We desire what we believe. If we believe nothing, then we desire nothing. If we recognize that the map is not the terrain, we can avoid confusion.

I think desiring what you believe can cause the initial confusion.

Not if what you believe is true.

I’m not sure how to respond to this.

IF what you believed was “true” then who am i to deny acting on that belief.

But to add a bit more context, desires are affected by our knowledge of what is available (our beliefs).

With that in mind i would say that nobody is aware of every option.

There is always a better way. the limit is basically intelligence and creativity.

If we think vaugely enough, we can be aware of every option.

pff. naaaa

Not to be all “nut-case”-ish, but to be aware of “every option” is comparable to a localized omnicience

Every option means every option available to me through my perception. Those are all the ones I can consider. To assume that there are others that we can’t perceive is to postulate something for which there can necessarily be no evidence.

You cannot percieve of every option until you try.

You could persue different options until you die, and that is one of your only limits.

Smears wrote:
All of it. Mostly, my ability to be not just content, but completely elated by such a life.

One is not “content” by their ability. Contentment is a “moment” in time. You don’t do anything to be content. Elation is also a “moment”.

It was a dark and stormy night, and all of the philosophers from down the street, were huddled in a single room, fire blazing and minds kindled by the thunder and thoughts of chaos outside.

hee hee