it's about to hit the fan … 2FShowFull … 2FShowFull

iran can hit europe and israel with their missiles now… what does obama do? … 2FShowFull

obama tells israel to bend over and take one?!?


tehran is about to glow in the dark.

the revolution is about start.


I believe Israel has the situation closely surveiled. It makes me wonder if they’ll target the centrifuges that refine the uranium. Daisy cutters may be the weapon of choice to reach those bunkers at the base of mountain where they are believed to be housed.

It seems I have heard this one before ummmmmmm,
let me think, oh yeah,

Iraq has nuclear weapons!

American is about to be nuked from Iraq!

Watch out for those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!

I am sure we found a lot of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…
Uhhh, didn’t we find any WMD’S in Iraq?
So we found those nuclear reactors in Iraq, right?
UMMM, we must have found some nuclear material, right?

I have heard this song and dance before.
The latest report from someone outside of Israel is
the UN and they say, Iran is still 5 years away from any kind of nukes.
Creating Nukes is much harder than you think and placing them on a warhead and
sending them to a set target hundreds of miles away is really, really hard.
Maybe 7 countries in the world could do it and Iran ain’t one of them.


Well you won’t have to worry about the US intervening, President Obama is holding out the olive branch of peace to Iran. More than likely it will be Israel who will act to stop what they believe is a threat to them. Being in the middle of other nations who don’t call them friends, probably feel they have no other options.


Okay, everyone gets one nuke. Which country shall we turn into glass…?

I vote: Belgium.,2933,521 … latestnews

"Israeli defense officials say the country’s air force has completed a large-scale exercise simulating war on several fronts with enemies that include Iran.

They say this week’s exercise included Israel’s entire air arm and was meant to prepare for an all-out war, including missile attacks aimed at Israeli cities.",2933,517033,00.html

“The Israeli military is preparing itself to launch a massive aerial assault on Iran’s nuclear facilities within days of being given the go-ahead by its new government, the Times of London reported.”

bend over for peace?!?

FUCK the obamamessiah and all his democRAT worshipers


That’s really the way to go about it. But it will be a test of O’s diplomatic prowess to get Iran to ignore the fact that any attack by Israel is welcomed by the US.

I wonder though if Israel does hit those strategic sites that Iran is refining the uranium, will the US support their move or denounce them? If the US doesn’t back them (government wise), how will that place Israel in the world’s point of view?

The US will mildly condemn the action while expressing deep understanding and empathy for Israels’ position.