It's Here! Pantheopsychic Comics #2: YE ARE UNDER A CURSE!

Greetings again, Wise Ones!

(And Merry Christmas!)

I’ve been away awhile as I’m slaving away at what may be my last sermon, so to speak, on Pantheopsychic Theology and Christianity. The final word on the subject is still entitled: The Gospel of the Undamned (previously For He Has Set Eternity In The Hearts of Men). As stated before, while the final volume was to be a book, it seems a comic series is the way to go.

The Gospel of the Undamned, therefore, exists in comic form with four issues:

  1. To Hell You Say!
  2. Ye Are Under A Curse!
  3. What Must I Be To Be Saved?
  4. For He Has Set Eternity In The Hearts of Men

The title of the final issue, as seen, was the previous title of the final volume.

Thank you for your perusal of my threads here on ILovePhilosophy. I plan to drop in from time to time to respond to other’s threads and discussions until I shuffle off this mortal coil, and I plan a future work where I terraform previous threads into comic form, but these are “retro” works that I may or may not post to ILP. If I do, they are not to be considered apart from these comics the final word on Pantheopsychism.

Phenomenal Graffiti

And now, please allow me to introduce Issue 2 below entitled: YE ARE UNDER A CURSE!