It's okay to blink

Haven’t seen the seashell
for so long, have not listened
to the voice of the shore:
have not heard the brilliant thunder Roar

gliding like a dove's decent
just one soft lover's caress.

A statue mesemerized by those swirling pond greens;
oh what waters we crossed! Musical storms
broken sidewalks, bear traps before every word

Runaway birds who could not out-run the coat-checks.

Long have I thrown you out to sea
ignobly, impentitently: ah! 
the waves bring us back

How is it, often I wondered, a seashell,
so quiet, so unconscious, of words,
always says louder clearer
much much so much, more ?

It could be a pink elephant ear
Maybe a marble rolling down an arcade floor
The wind howling through yellow leaves
Leaves, scraping black-asphalt
Or the crack of a broken Twix-bar

Oh the popcorn pops! pop! pop!

Are those Buddhist chimes buzzing Ommms?
Man-mellow bronze dimes, 
Then. The Roller-Coaster wheels!
And here we are. 

Maybe bird legs really are found in aligator boots.

And maybe, a sound isn't just a sound,
a kiss not just a kiss, and, sometimes..
to sit next to a stranger, is enough. 
Maloptusiously silver.

Sometimes I miss cliches, so if you spot any, please point them out. All feedback, cricisim, is v.welcome. ty

=D> =D> =D>

Excellent, TUM.

I dont want to be naive for asking but I didnt find it in the dictionary
what is to be Maloptusiously

Some things arn’t to be found in dictionaries.

It is only the sound that is important here. To be corny, but on point, a seashell does not speak English.