Its time for a social experiment

The point of this is to make the world a slightly better place.

If you wish to be included simply post a reply containing only a smilie.

Questions will not be answered until the end.

You must post your smilie no later than 10:00 am on Sunday August 2nd EST to be included in the first stage.











For the first part of this experiment I want all of you to force a stranger to take a small amount of money. Walk up to them and say “excuse me, but you have to take this money.” If they ask why you simply say because. If they refuse keep trying.

I then want you to post the entire conversation and your thoughts on it.
I give you a week to complete this assignment.
Good luck.


Oh heck thats nothin, I have done that at stores plenty of times. You notice someone is broke you help them out, its the only decent thing to do, I leave my change for kids to use in case they come up short at our local quick mart too. Karma dude Karma, you help out when others need it you will probably get help when you need it. just left some extra icecream at a house that has little kids. We ordered two accidently. We won’t eat it quick enough so you giive to someone who could apreciate it. All of that is just normal decency. You help when you can.

When you help someone its different than forcing them to take money. This causes them to wonder if its counterfeit or carrying anthrax etc.

ROFL, it is forcing them, most turn the help down from pride until you convince them otherwise. Counterfeit or anthrax? In this economy most folks won’t even think along the routes. They will either take it due to need or refuse out of pride. if you get truly verbally forceful you might get to take a trip to the police station, people will think you are a terrorist. Not cool.

Can I be the test subject in this experiment. I think its the only way I’d like to participate. I promise lots of good karma in return, in fact, double what you give me. Guaranteed!

[size=50]All donations are final. No money back for any reason whatsoever. Karma results may vary from individual to individual.[/size]

:laughing: need a penny , take a penny soon you will have enough to buy food at Taco Hell :laughing: