I've created a New God

No offence, because I can’t lay claim to this either, but I doubt you have the slightest idea what the relationship between God and man is in Biblical terms! Or at least, not a strong enough sense to make a claim like this. (Let’s not forget there are thousands of years of wisdom distilled in those texts… As fun as it may be to run wild with our own fancies a little humility and respect can go a long way…)

Good! I was dwelling on this just the other day. To Job God says “Deck yourself with glory and honour…”

The idea is not that Job is to find meaning in God’s appraisal of him, but in Job’s appraisal of himself. Job has to sense his own strength and dignity or, in a word, value, as a human being. Not sure what you mean by “value ontology” though.

I see no respect or humility here.

Yes, his value to himself. God was on to something.
Ontology is the science of being. Value ontology is the science of self-valuing as the root of being.


You will have to transmit this vision person-to-person, lest your god be morphed and sullied. At least until he gathers a stable base.

Maybe our children’s children!

But then, the Christ god also took a while to assert himself.

Who will be your Nietzsche?!

Anyway, I like your god. Masters, yes… Not Lords but Masters.

G, if you had told me that this was the religion being discussed, I would have been more open to the idea!

OMG another god. The cosmos is more cluttered with gods than outer space around our earth (more than 36,000 pieces of junk floating around up there). Do we really need another one? Gods bore me.

Just stick to the new iPhone then.

fc----is your god supernatural in any way…

Turtle - Yes. Not in that he is outside of reality, but in that he is accessed through ‘magical seeing’, i.e. subtle energetic/astral projecting of which many living Gods (such as Allah) are made. That means that he has come into being by my intention, just as Allah has come into being by the intention of his worshippers - which is why Allah is now a very powerful, very real, “supernatural” presence.

Seeing as you and I lack the technology to measure such thought-body (I’m sure its possible to create measuring instruments though) you can only confirm this by actually trying to access the God with a truly focused intention. Though I sincerely recommend that you don’t do it with Allah, because that powerful force (a collective compulsive neurosis, as a spiritual teacher ones described Islam to me) will take hold of you somehow.

Note that you can only effectively pray to Allah and receive his grace if you are truly submissive, if you truly have the wish to submit to a superior power. I have deliberately created an opposite type of God. Submission will not result in contact, only bestowing as prescribed in the OP will enable you to receive the vision. Handily this filters out anyone who doesn’t have anything to give. The problem I see with most religions is that they attract parasites, and over time become aggregates of depravity.


I notice you started this thread 2 years ago (almost exactly). How has your new god developed since then?

Pretty linearly actually. I only contact him only about five or six times a year, he seems to have grown stronger each time, making it more rewarding to invest.

The effect of this offering on me has been quite significant. I noticed that this thing was a working “God” - there was that click you have when a protocoled meditation takes hold, when your brain is suddenly united in one task. This was the first time that I had completely started from pure trust in my own ontological autonomy and took the concept of a magneto-semantic force absolutely seriously.

I know this God. I had not seen this thread from its inception 2 years ago.

Potens. I do not pray on Him, however. I worship silence, honesty and a lack of God. This is Nyghl.

I created a daemon; does that count?

Are you sure you created something stronger than a human? Daemon are supposed to be stronger than a human but less strong than a deity.

I bless everybody in the name of Satan in this thread. Speak Satan’s name six hundred and sixty six times, then ye shall be annointed unded the dark prince.

Hail Satan! All hail the morning star and the fallen one!

All hail the rebel of god!

Not if my delusions are correct.

Can I split it up into 10 a day?

10 a day is fine. On the seventh day if you sacrifice a kitten on a hilltop in Satan’s name you will be rewared with a female horned demon with a spiked tale of red skinned flesh who will make sweet love to you in your dreams. Ye, the gifts of Satan are many.

The path to Satan is a narrow one.

What is god? God is when you really want something, but doesn’t happen, because he’s the fucker ignoring you. This is where Satan helps you in his absence because he doesn’t ignore by comparison. Hail Satan!

Has he revealed his name yet?

Satan, duh.

Gib - “Count”? Non capisco, mi dispiace. I get the feeling you’re talking about an angry girlfriend or something. No, this God has not revealed its name. I suppose, since I created it, that I might baptize it at one point.

Tyr - no, it’s not Satan. For one thing, the name Satan is already claimed. My God is not a rebel, he has no history of being restrained by another God. Satan is only cool because he’s the Jewish Gods naughty kid brother. He’s not original.