January 6th

as a normal dude who doesnt get all into wild political extremism and cultism and tribalisms and all that shit who just goes around looking at reality and interpreting it for himself, i gotta tell ya that the number of people who have gone down the kooky rabbit hole of getting stories from random people on obscure “news” sites and the number of people who are eating up insane bullshit that doesnt even make sense to normal people, and then believing that all that stuff is reality is really remarkable.

And so, Donald Trump surrenders the presidency to the Demshiveks, international corporations [NWO], and the republican political party. [The republican political party is now dead along with the historic national republic itself, what’s left of the republican party is weak to the point of being co-opted by the democrats, it is now completely pacified.]

The resistance against plutocrats, oligarchs, and corporatist globalism utterly destroyed, what’s left of populism disorganized, weakened, and in disarray especially now that internet censorship has taken precedence everywhere. Well done, you got to give the cabal some credit, they certainly know what they’re doing and how to operate. [They have hundreds of years of experience after all with these sorts of things.]

What comes next? A weakened United States dominated by communist China, what can go wrong? :sunglasses:

mcconnell blamed trump for the cop killing rioters at the capitol

His wife is a sister of a communist Chinese high ranking government cabinet member, no conflict of interest there. :sunglasses: :laughing:

Ah, well…

trump owes the chinese like 200 million bucks.

The entire United States nationwide at a federal level owes the Chinese even more than that financially… :laughing:

well yeah and so if that’s a bad thing then its also bad for 1 dude to owe them 200 mil especially if he’s selling the idea that all the other people are owned by china

I imagine within ten years or less China will own the entire United States government, a poultry sum of millions owed by a single billionaire will seem inconsequential compared to that. That I’m very sure of… :sunglasses:

eventually everyone will start bombing each other.

At this rate we can only hope, I’m bored with this current ‘reality’ anyways, I say let’s bomb the entire world back to the stone age, a real global reset in my mind compared to that phonie baloney nomenclature of the current global establishment.

Do you really want the transhumanist likes of Bill Gates running the world? Oh, please… :sunglasses:

Gotta say, I’m really not a big fan of the current techno global-homo prison planet they have in mind with a bunch of soulless pencil dick nerds at the helm of things. They want to control, censor, and eventually have complete dominion over the human mind itself, a cosmic bad joke if you were to ask me. No, no, no, I won’t have any of it!

One way or another it’s going to self destruct and implode on itself, and if it won’t do so quick enough, here’s to hoping for something that will speed up the whole process. What exactly that will be is even beyond me, for now. :sunglasses:

When this day began, I saw that the number of your age jumped from 33 to 34. :astonished:

So, happy birthday, Joker. :slight_smile:

All the best.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

u old af bruh

You’re only as old as you feel, 30s is the new 20s. :wink: :laughing:

wait until all your cartilage starts disappearing


I’ll be surprised if I make it to 55.

what will happen is that you wont plan on living for so long because you live a reckless life and all that, and then somehow you will keep surviving, well…except for your cartilage.

Sounds about right, you know, the world has clearly been punishing me since day one being out of the womb, but I have a feeling because of how cursed I am that I’m going to live a very long miserable life. That’s just how the cosmic dice has been rolled for me I guess. In a just world I would be put out of my misery and receive a quick death, but this world seems to want me to live a very long miserable life instead, just another cosmic joke amongst numerous other ones. With the world as crazy as it is now death only comes to the lucky ones first.

the right wing victim complex stuff is strong bruh. like people who think there is a war on xmas, or that trump didn’t get a fair shake even though he was born with a silver spoon up his ass and ended up president after 6 bankruptcies.

everyone is gonna die, and we’re all gonna suffer along the way.