JC-TV and "The Ramp"

Watched the 2:30am episode of The Ramp on some Christian Network tonight…cough JC-TV…cough.

Someone needs to tell them that they suck at their group hypnosis when trying to spread the word of god. Please don’t try brainwashing your fans into thinking they are the opposite of Jihad warriors.

Your Hyptintists suck as well. They still need to use body movements and word strings to do it lol. Oh ya they also have to close them eyes so they don’t accidentally self induce.

Your methods are horrible for one and you aren’t doing anything but profiting on your network to buy more cars and homes. Please just tell your viewers the truth and just say you want them to donate to your recreation funds. The “truth” hurts profit but at least you will find out who your real fans are.

I agree. There are too many “religious” people out there profiting of hard working people. They have no religious convictions other then filling their collection plates To buy cars homes etc.

How can such a person exist? Wouldn’t religion and swindling be in conflict?

Religion + Capitalism = CapitalReligionism.

God says give us money and faith and submission.

You pay money, your faith is validated. Yes, it’s pathetic. But it’s also what the vast majority of secular people do too…