Jeff Healey's birthday

Had he lived, the most talented Canadian musician would have been 48 today.
But the childhood cancer that robbed him of his sight as a baby did not provide him with “Angel Eyes”.
Here’s one of gods creations that you cant put down as human evil or as payment for such.
And neither can you blame Jeff for the cancer that stuck his legs and eventually his lungs.

God is one evil mutha!

how do you know so much about god

So you are using someone elses misfortune to prove a point about something you don’t believe in. It doesn"t make any sense.

I don’t understand the two responses. Lev’s comments seem pretty straightforward. If there’s a God he seems to Lev like “one evil mutha”.

Thanks - I thought so too.
Maybe it’s just too much to cope with; one example of god’s great works?

You’re welcome.

There are plenty of arguments people can make if they disagree with you or think it’s more complex than that, but your point is straightforward and I wish the responses were likewise straightforward.

I loved Jeff Healey’s music and not realised how he had died until today. Another thing that got me thinking was a Facebook comment:

" The next time the cup half full guys get on your case, tell them that the optimists ended up in the gas chambers whilst the pessimists emigrated to California and spent the war round the swimming pools of LA."

This got me thinking about the ‘god is love’ brigade, in contrast to people ask why there is suffering.

Here’s another great one for the god is love army: Teranoma.

This is a type of cancer in which a distorted little person grows inside another one; most often found in the new born. The tumour often has hair, teeth, even eyes in the growing mass.

When I last posted such an image - and I have to say this is not the most horrific - I received complaints from god botherers - Hey don’t complain to me - he’s your deity!

How can anyone support a loving god as the designer of the universe?

Did somebody say that Jeff Healey is to blame for his cancer?

Did somebody say that God gave Jeff Healey cancer?

Yeah - read the bible.
You want chapter and verse?

What a load of bullshit.

Great argument!!

I love the way you gather the facts, analyse the premise, and draw your conclusions. Top flight!

Your thread has no argument… you are just pissing on theists.

You are running scared. Admit it! All I have done is presented some examples of god’s creation, and you are in a state of panic.

Compare your view of god with the existence of Teratoma.

Didn’t god intelligently design cancer for a purpose?

I watched a video on YouTube explaining some of these deformations of little ones . Some were so horrible that I had a hard time believing they were real and not photoshopped, but the uploader did cite sources. I’m not ashamed to admit that it is one of the only 2 times I remember myself crying. These kind of videos is where all the apologetics and theodicy fail. Too bad I discovered it back when I was an internet newb and didn’t like and favorite videos on YouTube because I don’t think I can find it again. Not sure I’d want to watch it again though…

The worst thing is, there are people in this world who don’t think of that as an accident, nature being freaky. Some people actually find ways to justify that kind of things. They consider it to be a part of a plan of an omnibenevolent being. That’s how desperate they are to cling onto their beliefs, imagine the level of mental gymnastics one has to do in order to justify an omnibenevolent god designing babies to suffer and die at or shortly after birth (or live a little longer, deformed). And as long as humans are so meek and needy of the irrational we will never advance as a race because we will find ways to justify horrible things like that, instead of being disgusted and working on actually solving the problem.

Thanks for understanding. I just think that if you really want to believe in a god, you have to understand god through nature. There is so much suffering out there, and I’m pretty damn sick of Theists trying to blame humans, or original sin, or human inaction; or God’s greater plan.
This is it! Open your eyes theists!
Phyllo accuses me of “pissing on Theists”, when all I have done is to present a couple of examples of natural occurrences. Surely it’s god, as the creator that is “pissing on Theists”: don’t blame the messenger. I’m just telling it like it is.

Since, there’s no god then the answer must be no. Obviously.

You don’t believe that god exists. So it’s not god doing anything.

So who are you arguing with, strawdude?

As you are an atheist, I’m not arguing with you - so why are you pissing on my thread?

Who says that I’m anything?

That post shows that your only intention is to be antagonistic towards theists.

You’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Anon, using other peoples misfortunes to launch an attach on something you don’t believe in is the definition of delusional.
The delusion occurs when we develop anger/hatred in response to the suffering of others (and then want to argue and prove a point).
Does this seem straightforward?