Jerkey, do something.

Site sucks this late at night. Say something interesting, worthy of a great conversation.

I’m never choosing you for my dodgeball team after your miserable performance tonight Jerkey.

Dammit Jerkey, post something interesting, it is nighttime again. No one us on except those perverts.

Sticky fingers on his keyboard over here would know about midnight perving I bet.

You should change your name to Sticky Fingers joker.

You know I was talking about you, right? :-"

I wear latex gloves so I never gotta touch my cock. Touching a cock is gay.

Never touched their own cock? Could be transexual…

Technical possibility, but Occam’s Razor would certainly cut right through that cock, simplifying that matter. No need to presume someone wearing a latex glove is transexual unless specifically stated, as far more latex gloves are worn each year that hands of grannies that exist.

However, I do think more grannies should now people’s yards. Be a great way to integrate them into society… create a caste… only grannies can now lawns, and that’s the only legal way they can earn a living. Much more visible population, more people would get to know them and accept them in the community.

YOur talkin about usin a razor to cut your own cock and claim you are not being a tranny (granny? in the same sentence…

i just did, Turd, but it lasted but a few minutes, and then? Puff, and was gone, as suddenly as it appeared.

Someday, it will return,

Did you flush it down the toilet before it disappeared? If you did it shall never return.

nope! Threw it into fridge with other mss.’

Do something interesting Jerkey, it is 3am on a Monday morning. Fucking do something amazing.

Fuckin Jerkey, fucking off by not fucking around. Your such a jerk Jerkey.

Go in on self imposed fast. Feel guilty about it. Punishing myself for it. Yesterday promised not to do it again. And then oops. Did it. Again. My last 20. Could have spent it on her. Or the kids. But living the life, don’t worry.

Just goad me aTurd. It means a lot to me. At least feeling something other then this.

Fuck around? Sure! Can do. What your angling for is expose. It’s barely 1 am here, over there , it’s three, yes. Cebu, the other side of the world. Gotta meet 'ya sometime, sure to be a please T get together. Been there , nice place, specially now with the drug lords running, if they are slow, and get caught, it’s the scaffolds. Yes. My way of dealing is not counter attack, no, cause, I met you before and like you. Colorful, intelligent, and with heart.

U suck.

Put you on my foe list.

Apparently, that is like, same as ignore. Just found that out.

Your going to be ignored till you become interesting.

Everyone I met Turd, consider me interesting, intelligent and a very good fella. The fact is, I am also real nice bothers some people.

They go, how can that be, we have a good boy here,
ot a tad jealous or unforgiving, does not like to take a pound of flesh., does not believe in retribute modes,
and still here?

Well it’s true. Once was like that, swore with bible in
hand while looking toward heaven, was funny like

sponge bub, wept an ocean when called forth, yet I
side laughed his ass off…

But now, havingconverted from that to this, which no
one, ever is interested, cause unknown, only him and
his brother in law, who threatened once to set on fire
the house whereJerkey lives?

No Turd my boy, the limits to suck interest are, really fraught
with ominous unpleasantries, as understated fact, therefore if I musty stay on ignore, so be it, but
uninteresting? A meiosis, in inveritable veil of tears is not
what is needed , but a profusion of indelicate nastiness, neither.

Perhaps you should read with more enthusiasm into the honest and real metaphoric narratives of the Middle
Ages, where to encompass a minimum of irony
and gloating, the least of prepossessing levity, so as to recapture the epic nature of true March of the yet
well hinged aspecte of well meaning albeit perhaps
somewhat odd folkish behavior.

As time did march on then, with honest but simple folk
relating humble yet wholesome stories of a sorrily bygone era, relating the open and unjaded good will that accompanied which, nothing momentous, or

phenomenal. But an unembellishrf portrait of good folk.

it so, even without balance or structural fidelity, a sacrifice for the love of the word, so as to weigh and remain that, which for proprior reasons better left

For this, to be ignored, becomes almost sacrificial, a
deliberate levity, for the sake of prevention of
needless suffering.

It’s an anti-procedural effort, to prevent the shift of
meaningless power plays, from whence all distractions
gain momentum out of the clarity of belief.

No, turd, sacrifices of literal mode, demand as much from
true aspirants needing a safe harbor, away from the choppy seas of unremitting clamor, and the unrelenting corseness of the heavy bite of reality.

‘I would rather live a life believing there is a god, and die, to find out there isn’t, then to live not believing there is a god, and die, to find there is.’

That was boring. Do something entertaining.

i could but don’t know what is it that could conceivably entertain

I am into masochism, so truly to me entertainment for you, by me, would consist of the logical eqivicate : sadism.

Would you care to endulge me with some very viscous and serious whipping? Of course metaphorically speaking, a verbal barrage perhaps toward my already inadequate and seemingly hopelessly dull presentations, while me biting nails, white knuckled grasp of inordinately speculations into the wisdom and gravity of your paculiar modes.

For your attempts at such great and admirably horrible cruelty, your reward would be a guaranteed bloodletting, of opening venal or arterial proofs of commitment to further more and increasingly painful torturous violations of common decency.

Licking your black patent leather boots, I would squeal while asking permission to even dare to raise my countenance, no the least dare to exceed your perniciously aggravated haughteour, the least scab inflicted by your painfully venomous tongue causing me elevations of blood pressure, hyperventilation and severe and compressing arrythmia.

Your beneficence, staring down into my pitifully depraved countenance, counters my inversely proportional admiration, while the lashes continue,
finally silencing me with an abrupt loss of consciousness.

Now, did that work?