Jesus being a Christian.....

Did Jesus ever come out and say that he was actually a “Christian”? Or did some people just throw him in there to go along with their religion? I dont study this religion so please enlighten me.

well no as he wouldn’t be a follower of himself. he would have considered himself a more or less orthodox jew, calling for a return to the spirit of the law.

Or perhaps he considered himself something like a sufi or a dervish or holy fool. he was an itinerant preacher.

jesus did consider himself a jew. It was Paul that made up this Christian business. he nearly always signed his letters through Christ jesus or because of our Lord Christ or things like that.

Jesus was not a “Christian” as we would consider it today. In fact, the word “Christian” actually means “Christ-like.” So a Christian is someone trying to reflect Jesus in everything they do.

Paul did in a way invent “Christianity”, but the religion is not what its about, it’s about a relationship with Jesus Christ, which Paul did not make up.

No man could invent Jesus.[/i]

Good stuff, thanks guys…