Jesus, Can we please consider what he'd really be like?

Jesus is always shown as a wuss, but on the contrary he couldn’t be. Comon, he was a carpenter for one! For two, the man walked so much he had to have strong calves. He couldn’t have been light complected, comon! He was probably as dark as wet mud. Jesus, had to be funny, and enjoyable! Why else would anyone want to hear such a man speak unless he could entertain a crowd, and entertain those who didn’t like him.

So why is Jesus portrayed as a weak white man, I have no idea.

European aesthetics?

Da Vinci?


a pot-smoking hippie.

if they had tye-die shirts back then, he would wear 'em.

He’s portrayed as wek because he taught non-aggressive philosophies in response to aggressiveness.

And back then, everyone walked everywhere. It’s not like Jesus’s calves would’ve been any bigger than anyone else’s. (Just a small note on that aspect of your description.)

Even in the Medieval paintings he is shown as not being terribly buff – slight would be the best description. Then again, that makes sense since you can’t have a fat Jesus, but they would have wanted to make him look as much like the nobles as possible. So, a thin noble.

Except when he is wearing armour and kicking some ass. I know in Spain soldiers claimed that he appeared and slaughtered 800 Moors single-handedly around the time of Charles Martel.

He can’t be tanned, or else we’d mistake him for a black :wink:.

Sadly you bring up one of the greatest faults many past pastors have had, prejudice. I was taught earlier in life that Blacks should not marry whites. I disagree, maybe some would argue he scattered us, but the only problem is this is something we cannot help. I have different backgrounds, I’m not full anything, seems like many aren’t these days. So if marry part mexican, why not part black, and if part, why not full. Just ridiculous.

I really don’t care what color Jesus was, but it only seems actual that he would be dark.

That’s what I meant. If he did exist, he wouldn’t be the pale white dude, he’d be a big black football player. But we couldn’t have that, as from the beginning white has meant good and black has meant bad. And it’s hard to pity a football player. Interesting thread.