jesus is human

jesus is human…not a god

You’re an expert now, are you.

no james…it just makes more sense…it takes the voodoo out of church

Why couldn’t Jesus be both human and god?

good question…you can look at it that way…a problem arises tho…Christians can then say their prophet is better than the prophets of the other religions of the world…jesus then is no longer a prophet but a god…that was decided at the council of nicea in 325 ad by Constantine…

Those Christians ignore the fact that the wisdom of Jesus appears as common knowledge in other religions–Confucian, Buddhist, Tao, etc.

the traditional Christian accepts jesus as god…they believe in the resurrection of jesus…into eternal life…that focus is causing serious problems …they also insist that the bible is special… maybe from god especially if jesus is god…

Jesus is dead.

Where do you think the Christians got the wisdom from, in the first place?

Wasn’t there an egyptian God that was killed and resurrected after three days born of a virgin mother, or was that Mithriaism? Hard for me to remember now. One of the problems with this story is that much of it has been done before… I think the turning water into wine was new, perhaps the walking on water. The Buddha was said to be able to walk through walls like Jesus, he created a rainbow bridge above the rest of the earth and used to walk there to meditate, and apparently when the Buddha became enlightened, everytime he took a step on the earth, flowers blossomed immediately when he lifted his foot off the ground. That’s as impressive as turning water into wine and walking on water. The question is whether any of it is true.

The Buddha was also known to heal the sick and resurrect the dead like Jesus.

The Buddha was not a god, nor did he ever claim he was… Or did he claim he had supernatural powers.

If he ever healed sickness, it was with his wealth in money and materials. He was a prince, wasn’t he?

Well, the Buddha is storied like Jesus… so some may be lies. There are certainly Buddhist texts that claim these things… all the while saying he was only human.

The Buddhists are funny this way… the Dalai Lama claims only to be a humble monk, even though he is in charge of Tibetan culture and Tibetan buddhism. He is seen as a God/King to many of them.

so jesus is human…not a god…he had some good ideas about behavior…what are you worried about…

Jesus never claimed to be God, or non human, even when he said he was the son of God, he didn’t not mean that literally, in as much as Buddha never did. We are all human, we are all Buddhas and Jesus , in our heart, and that is the limit to which our understanding can travail.


you really cant have it both ways…jesus is either human or god… not both…unless you accept supernatural beliefs…
and once you do that you have thrown away our only true hope… called reason

Turtle, it depends oh how God and Human are
defined. The two definitions imply contradictory
senses. maybe, a better way to see the difference is by using the word God-like, this would befit God as being as human, (all too human )more inclined to
correlate between Him and Man. ; as a new covenant
between them.
Then you may not need to make a claim,such as He is either God, or a Man.

orb there is a problem here …once you talk about jesus being special…especially a god… then people start competing…and using this as some authority…rather than the ideas being presented…it is the message…not the person