Jesus on the European cup final

I’ve just been told by none other than Jesus that tonight’s European cup final will finish 2-0 to AC Milan. I’m tempted to place a big bet, but am worried that that would be immoral and could get me in trouble with the Man upstairs. What would you do?

Consult a mental health specialist, for both the halucinations and the gambling addiction.

Dude if it’s a sure thing then you’d be a fool not to take the bet! I think even Jesus would do it if the odds were in his favor. Why do you think God gave us statistics?

With just minutes to go, it was 2-0 Milan! And then Kuyt made it 2-1 (the final score)…

I was on the verge of accepting Christ; now I’m gonna stay as an agnostic.

The win is part of the transaction agreement for Kaka who, according to his t-shirt, belongs to Jesus now.

Jesus refuses to recognise extra-time you see