Jesus was a woman

Here’s an interesting theory to discuss: Jesus is a woman. Also, I believe Adam and Eve’s roles were reversed for the story in the bible. Adam prompted Eve to eat the apple.

This thought was brought on by remembering another line linking to the second coming of jesus christ that roughly stated that the savior/messiah would not be a woman. It struck me as kind of odd that they would feel the need to mention this in a world that was already male-dominated.

Yer funny idioticidioms. I heard Jesus was made like a Ken doll down there.

"Simon Peter said to them, “Make Mary leave us, for females don’t deserve life.”

Jesus said, “Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven.”"
~Gospel of Thomas v.114

got to love the sexism there. Would Jesus really have been sexist? Not if he was Jesus, though it’s impossible not to be at least partly sexist. I’m pretty sure people put in the bible things they wanted to hear and they didn’t want their women getting uppity. … as114.html
I think translations are needing translation. These are not bad but, it does make me glad to be atheistic.

I’m curious… Why do you choose to be atheist? Men hurt you through religion, not even the religions themselves. Each religion started out bearing the same message and only got corrupted over time; you can see that if you compare all of the various religions we have from Catholocism to buddhism; including native americans and wiccans.

Even atheism; believing in nothing; is a belief. If you can’t understand or explain what you believe in and why you believe in it and have it hold up under scrutiny, then you have no right to believe it. Those who believe there is no God believe with the same blind faith as those who believe in God and each will use circumstantial evidence to try to convince you; myself included. For my part, I have found God against all odds after taking that dead-end path of my own free will; though I didn’t try to follow it like the religions prescribed, and yet I did. I started with the man in the mirror and began removing my own faults and lies.

Jesus was just a man and to expect perfection is to expect in vain, for one. That’s even if those ancient scriptures themselves haven’t been falsified by the men of those times, for two. I don’t see why people have to allow other peoples misguided notions and ideals to prevent them from having a relationship with God. Obviously you saw the lies inherent in their system, so jolly good show. The best liars incorporate the truth as much as possible, though, while sticking to what people want to hear; and the big menly men of that time; much like menly men today; want their women acquiescent, which tends to show a weakness in man to admit a womans equality to them. They do big manly stuff; what do women do? Woman stuff, pffft. I cry bullshit.

There is no way that a man of peace could mean anything bad by what Jesus said in his opening line there: “See, I am going to attract her to make her male so that she too might become a living spirit that resembles you males. For every female (element) that makes itself male will enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Believing that things must be male to enter heaven, he still aspires to make females the equal of men and to be found on equal footing. He still remains that saint we know and love.

I don’t defend religion in any way except to say that what they have become is not what they started out as or what they intended to become; have some understanding and respect for their plight, as their plight mirrors society and the governments of our world that have fallen to the same deceptions even while trying to remove religion from their stronghold. They have slandered the name of God and they know it and they want to remove it as far away from them as possible in a world that no longer wants God because of the lies they have been told.

God is love and goodness and that’s all you will find in this world. You only need to understand that what you see to be hate and evilness aren’t really that at all, just more love very craftily concealed. I look around me in the world and see so many people afraid to communicate or express themselves; afraid to share their feelings and emotions and hurts openly for being torn apart for doing so.

I see people being backed into a corner and I see atheists repeating history; making the same mistakes as the religious while they hate on the religious for it and I see them incapable of helping themselves, which is a major pity. Regardless of what you believe in or what you have faith in, you should be wary of the fanatics in your own group and you really shouldn’t point out the fanatics in another group until you’ve taken care of your own. Maybe we can all take care of each others fanatics and finally live in a world where the walls of division are brought down low and we can truly find equality.

Freedom and Equality has been the dream of many throughout the ages but very few understand fully just what amount of responsibility and self-control that takes. Why do you think our civilization goes through the cycles it does throughout history? People need to keep fighting and they need to master themselves and teach others how to do the same; and at this point, we need to see just where all of the lies tripped us up so many times in the past and finally learn from those motherfuckers. This is insanity that we’re living; with or without God; and with or without God, it’s up to us to pull our selves out of it. If you think that God sits there doing nothing, then that’s what you think. If you think God doesn’t exist, then that’s what you think. Nobody will ever be able to convince you differently until you go in search of different answers; you have to take that first step and many, many idealists have been sacrificed and used for the purpose of control and subjugation of the human species; a mockery of the natural order of the world.

Literal translations of scriptures are translations from those void of conceptual understanding.

Male vs female in ALL scriptures are speaking of the unpersuadable vs the persuadable, the logical vs the wanty, the affixed vs the tenuous.

Ahdam” means; “damming up of the loose spirit”, “blocking of the precocious”, “unyielding”, “logic”.
Eve” means; “extending beyond the structure”, “sophistry”, “unstructured”, “yielding”, “less rigid”.

Man was formed of the cold Logic.
Wo-man, “lesser-Man”, was formed of the logic close to the heart of Man, the very intention and purpose of the Logic.

Feminism is being promoted merely to encourage persuadablility, submissiveness to subtle pressures.

Jesus proposed to make firm the very intention of the logic, masculinizing the whole point of life.
Jesus was definitely not persuadable.

Thomas was saying that “the persuadable do not deserve eternal life.
Jesus replied, “I will guide her to be more solid in her faith” (ie “more dependable”).

And therein lies the fallibility of men. They try to be solid, not understanding the flexible nature of faith or its liquidity. We are all the masculine and feminine within ourselves and many are those who seemingly exude masculinity who are rather weak and fragile where it counts. They simply did not see the womans strength back then; and yet Jesus humored them and tried to reach them through their beliefs anyway. He was no more going to solidify her beliefs for them as he was doing it for her and only told them what they wanted to hear to ease their minds about having a woman along. And honestly, what does it say about a group of men that does not welcome the sight of a woman in comparison to the rest of the bible? But then, they also attribute original sin to women and try to leave Adam blameless.

Truth has no regard for preference of belief.

It has no preference, period; no bias. I find that more comforting than lies, to be honest.

If you believe a woman would sacrifice herself for the good of mankind, then you know nothing about women.

If you think a woman is any different than a man, then you know nothing about humanity.

Edit: and duh, I’m not talking about biological and surface differences.

My atheistic attitude is about religion not a superior entity. A superior entity is quite possible. Human religion toward entities is the part that repels me.

Precisely. And yet, those religions weren’t always what they’ve become. It’s been a really hard road and you should understand that; you’ve lived your own life and seen some things. It’s hard not to get twisted; and then it’s not to say that Religion did bad things with the crusade. We weren’t there; maybe those crusades were entirely necessary because they have been under attack since they started; by people who wanted to corrupt their teachings. Which they have done regardless. Slander and manipulation and using public opinion against them; much like our current governments do with the media. It’s part of why I give Obama the benefit of the doubt. With how much hate that other politicians and the media are heaping on him, I’m more than willing to concede the idea that he may not be as bad as he’s made out to be.

I’ve played politics and I’ve seen a lot of good people get turned into evil ones by the people they opposed. Myself included. I have seen myself become the martyr for a cause, thanks to the internet. I have seen people repeat history with my own eyes, thankfully with the internet and not in reality like past occurrences. Nothing is either bad or good; it just is. I used to believe in Good and Evil, but now I only believe in negativity and positivity and genius and insanity. All each thing becomes is a matter of how we choose to perceive and use it. I could kill you with a pencil, but it’s the gun they worry about. I could shank you with two fingers, yet it’s the knife they worry about. People are fucking stupid at the same time as remaining vastly intelligent. We all are the walking contradictions and none of us avoid the big mistakes. it’s easy to hold grudges or hate on others; but rather foolish.

Both Jesus and Adam were females in spirit, Eve was male in spirit. The literal truth is irrelevant, Adam and Eve have about as much truth to them as Frodo and Sam.

You guys have a lot to learn about females.

Females don’t sacrifice themselves for others, including their own children. Females practice infanticide during resource scarcity (abortion for humans). Females are more selfish than males. Females will not risk their own lives for others, including their own children.

It’s males who are do such things. And if males do not, then males are denigrated by civilization, often outcast, sometimes criminalized, and always shamed by society. Males who do not put others above themselves, are considered evil by christianity, “wrong”, mentally ill, and a large list of other maladies.

If a man is as selfish as a woman, then he is dubbed the anti christ. Men are never allowed to be as equal as women’s selfishness, especially not more selfish.

Women have innate privilege in life (don’t serve on frontline as soldiers in real, conventional, bloody war) due to this censored, hidden truth.

The very fact that I can say such things, is a great personal risk that I make for the sake and virtue of truth. Perhaps only the greatest philosophers of all time, can get away with saying such things, but not without incurring a huge cost.

The most selfless woman in history can never match the most selfish man. Women are always more selfish than men, always.

So it it is a physical, biological, pathological impossibility that “Christ” or characters in the fictional, mythical christian bible, were “female” in anyway. They were “masculine” precisely due to this natural fact. Males are forced, against our well, to sacrifice ourselves for others. Females, women, never do this, are never made to do this, and it goes against their nature anyway.

Females are exponentially selfish, in ways that most will never even imagine possible.

For example, since I know many of you will have explosions inside your head upon reading this…

Explain to me circumstances where women are made to give their lives up for men, sacrifice their lives for men, and made to go to war, so that men can remain at home in comfort, without having to worry. Name for me a society that puts men first, above women and children. Men get to stay at home, cook, raise the children, while women do the risky work, go to war, make the salary, and basically men can divorce women, take half of the woman’s income, men get child custody in 90% of court cases, and men basically pick and chose who to have sex with, when, and police side with whatever a man says in terms of rape cases. If a man claims that a woman raped him, then she goes to jail, almost without question, without doubt. And women cannot accuse men of the same.


If you cannot name such an exception, then I am right and you are wrong. Go ahead, just tell me ONE TIME, ONE POSSIBILITY.

I can only hope for women everywhere that you are homosexual, cuz you sure sound like it. Hate women, women bad, women selfish, blah, blah blah… Please be an infertile homosexual. I and most women beg this of you Insightfoul.

Please quote or direct me to one example, just ONE WILL DO, of a time or society in history, where women fought on the frontline, and did most of the dying in a conventional war.

Link me to a time when men can accuse women of rape, where police will automatically take the side of men, and women will be heavily punished and criminalized based on these accusations.

Show me a society where men can file for no fault divorces, receive custody of the children, and half or more the assets of a woman, in 90% of court cases against women. Show me a society where women earn the huge majority of the income, where men stay at home, cook and clean, raise the children.

Without one example, JUST ONE, nothing you say matters. I am right, and you are wrong. Just one example will do.

Even fictional examples, in fantasy story books, will be acceptable. Give me ONE story book, as fictional and fantastical as possible, give me a quote or title of the fantasy book.

Here is the shocking truth about gender. Women have all of the power, men none. Women claiming “equality” with men is a simple lie, used to expose a rotten truth. Women have all the privilege, men zero. And if men speak about this, with any air of seriousness, then men will be shamed, mocked, ridiculed, hated, and delivered casual responses, like yours, that such men should not reproduce, are homosexual faggots, and should be silenced immediately.

For merely speaking such a thing.

Just one example, any example, real or imagined. Just give me a fictional book, about true “gender equality”, go on.

Yep, you are hot for men. Your tilted one sided vision proves that. If you can not know the hell women go through at all then you are truly biased and only want men or undereducated in life. I am leaning towards homosexual though, you are way too passionate about men.

Great argument! I expect no less from you.

Let the record show that you could not provide one example, JUST ONE, real or imagined, about true “gender equality” that I mentioned.

Women do not suffer in life. Women do not know the meaning of suffering. You were created to avoid all suffering. Society encloses women in a secure shell, separated from reality, which guards you from true suffering. You don’t even know the meaning of the word.

Ironically, you just proved the whole point, thank you. You just exemplified why it is technically impossible, that Christ could have been a woman.

Because women are not selfless. The most selfless woman that ever lived, is still more selfish than the most selfish man who ever lived. Selfishness of women is above the comprehension of men. Men cannot even imagine your level of selfishness.

Now hurt me again by calling me a faggot, as if that disproves the argument. That’s the only attack you have. You’re not capable of anything else.

Men, hear me, if you repeat what I just stated, then all women will react exactly as kriswest. It is a defense mechanism. Women are designed to protect their privilege, at all costs. Merely stating the truth, is enough to warrant such hostility. Apparently, only homosexual fags can say such things.