God GAVE us only one thing, only one message, and that is the ability to FEEL!
That is ALL we need to get by in our GOD given world.

Preaching GOODNESS in man, which every single one of us on this world has, is the right way.

Because it is a “universal” language.

Moved from Philosophy, obvious reasons.

It’s not that obvious, but I agree.

What is life without feeling.


What is life without complexity? Boring.

Hmmm…the ability to feel is nothing without… and can be quite dangerous without ALSO the ability to be self-aware and to be conscious and to be reasonable in our feelings and emotions…to harmonize intelligence and thought with our emotions/feelings.

Love is a universal language but it needs responsible interpretation. We commit many atrocities in the name of what we consider to be loving and feeling and according to what we view as God’s message.

I feel ya, James. :laughing:
But that’s not really true. We simply need to find a way to have awareness/intelligence and feeling walk together instead of one being the slave of the other. Although I will admit that that is not always so easy and at times one must take the lead over the other but still…the one must look back and take the other by the hand so that there is always mostly a level of harmony and no great gap between them.

Being human[e] is not always that easy.

death :smiley: