Jesus … g-miracle/

Personally, I still do not believe he truly existed due to the fact that Marcus died in 31 AD and it is said that the dating is 20-45 AD, of which jesus died in 33 AD so anything after his death 33/34-45 AD is considered hearsay. The carbon dating on the shroud did not match before either.

Also did a quick look up and this is what I arrived at.

44% trust worthy site for worldnewsdaily. … s-miracles

So yeah, if people are going to try and prove “jesus” then can they stop trying to fake that they have evidence? Kind of fishy huh?

Worldnewsdailyreport is a satire site.

The article writer isn’t too bright.
“According to Velleius, that great man’s name was Iēsous de Nazarenus, a Greco-Latin translation of Jesus’ Hebrew name, Yeshua haNotzri.”

The translation of “Iēsous de Nazarenus” from Latin is “Jesus of Nazarenus”, not “Yeshua haNotzri” - the Jewish spiritual name given to him.

… among other things.

Hahaha, it’s fake anyways. The story doesn’t even line up.

From their own website.

Such things are used to begin obfuscating historical accounts so that history can be rewritten more easily afterward by the new regime.

Yes but the everyday common man is monkey see monkey do/relay. A lot of people don’t bother checking or snooping, they see it and believe it.

“Fake news that you can trust” … ldnt-trust

Miracles and divine intervention in those times was as common as road accidents are today.
Alexander the Great, and all the emperors were credited with several miracles remarked at first hand.

But even on the face it the account, we have no way of knowing if the baby was still-born; attached to the cord all babies are, until they begin to breath their functions are supported still by the mother until the placenta separates or the cord is broken.

The website admits that the reports are fake. Why analyze the story???

Um, isn’t that what YOU just did when you created this thread? You sure put a lot of effort into arguing against a satire…

Ha, and Lev is doing it too. Priceless.

So we can take a look at all the people lying and saying they have evidence but don’t. Don’t you think if he was real and had evidence of being real people wouldn’t do this kind of thing? Try to lie and make fake articles to trick the common man? I guarantee there is at least 100 people in the world who think this article is true, without looking into it. Since so many people want to believe in it, it is easier to trick them with fake “evidence”.

Nope, because I pointed out that it is a fake article. A common every day man most likely would not look into it, thus not finding it fake. A lot of people love to believe in something, even if it has no evidence or is fake. I showed another site saying it’s fake, and the analysis for that website.

I’m not arguing against anything, I was just revealing that it’s not real. The whole point is, people shouldn’t be making shit up about “jesus” if the majority of people actually thought he was a real man/being. All it does is looks bad for the people who do support the idea of “jesus” in all honesty.

Can you read, or no?

I didn’t believe it from the beginning, it’s cheese-y.

Yeah, you were one of those 100 people until I pointed out to you that worldnewsnetdaily is a satire site. You even did ‘research’ on the website’s ‘credibility’. Now you’re mad at Christians because you got fooled by a website making fun of religion? Ugh.

And you didn’t point it out until it was pointed out by someone else. The website admitted it. You didn’t, until your got caught. That makes you guilty of the lying apparently so as to create another typical atheist strawman.

LOL you didn’t point that out to me, I read it before you even commented from relevant magazine, of which I LINKED as well. It seems to me you’re one of those spotlight people, who love to think that they contribute to everything. Well there is no spotlight, so you’re kind of failing yourself.

You believed that some theists faked this article to convince theists and atheists that Jesus was the real deal. That much is clear. Now you are trying to save face. :-"

Got caught doing what exactly? Saying that it wasn’t real and the story didn’t line up in the first place? See the funny thing is, I didn’t need to read their own site saying it was fake to see that it was fake. I didn’t believe it from the beginning, hence the whole argument about 31 AD and the historian dying then. Hence the analysis. Hence the Relevant magazine link.

I never said it was theists LOL. I said people fake articles and the every day man doesn’t bother looking into them, they just believe. You people love to assume, it’s great.

Hahaha. Alright, there’s nowhere this can go but abuse and humiliation. Just roll your eyes and move on, nothing to see here.

Save face from what exactly? When I already pointed out from the beginning it was/is fake. You people just love to argue, you’re not philosophers lol, you’re just debaters who go around in circles.

Yeah, except you guys are the ones who are abusing. Probably angry from me shitting all over your “evidence” you think you have of “jesus” of by the way, still isn’t real. You mad about it or somethin?

I have nothing to be humiliated about, you guys do though. Believing in fallacies and what not, kind of embarrassing.