Jew vs Gentile

What does it mean to be Jewish?

I hear this dichotomy going around, between Jew and Greek, Jew and Roman, is there any merit to it? Is the Jew a more, moral, effeminate sort of being? First of all, how does one equate the two, morality and effeminacy? Here’s the correlation I see between the sexes and morality.
Feminine-- Altruism, Pathos, Communism, Masculine-- Egoism, Logos, Fascism, perhaps in the middle Reciprocal Altruism, Capitalism? ? ? If this be true, if such a relationship can be established, is Jewish morality, historically, more effeminate than Greek, Roman, or Persian, Indian and Chinese even? Let’s be clear, by egoism, I do not mean the moral condition of a snake, but the kind of egoism that desires to be served, to preside over, that kind of hierarchical as opposed to heterarchical mentality (chimp vs bonobo). The kind that believes they are worthy of worship and reverence, that takes care of others the way a master takes care of his slaves. Also of interest, were the Jews the only ones to appeal to an external authority,
as opposed to their innate passions (effete) and earthly authorities (effete)?

I see the Greeks arguing for the emancipation of their fellows, just as, if not more than the Jews. Plato argued against slavery and patriarchy (so did the Cynics, Stoics and Epicureans), Solon’s principles eventually liberated the Greeks from tyranny (at least for a while) and established the world’s 1st (or one of the 1st) democracy. Even when Aristotle argued for slavery and patriarchy…
he argued for it, he didn’t just say-- slaves be damned, fuck em!

Look to the Chinese and Mo Tzu’s universal love, pacifism and sophocracy (rule by the wise as opposed to might makes right (kratocracy) or whoever has the gold, rules (plutocracy), or Confucius and his universal education, were they corrupted by the Jews too, I wonder?

Then there’s the Indians, although Brahmanism was and is very much based on hereditary hierarchy, Buddhism and Jainism certain weren’t/aren’t, were the Hindus infiltrated and subverted by the Jews, unbeknownst to modern historians?

Then there’s the Jews themselves, surely they were the most effete, decadent and communist of them all, but no, we find the old testament arguing for slavery and genocide.

During the Axial Age, many revolutionary thinkers the world over attempted to establish new kinds of moralities, based on something other than barbaric tradition. They looked for authority outside of themselves and the culture of their ancestors, whether to it be to the Gods, to reason, to pleasure and pain. The Jews and the Hindus (especially the Jews) looked to the former where as the Greeks and the Chinese (especially the Greeks) looked to the latter. We find primitive forms of communism, capitalism and fascism being practiced from Rome to China. We find advocates on both sides of the coin (for/against slavery) within the same people. Well,
if Satyr or anyone else would like to comment…

It is all really just an issue of which technique and associated race get to be da Boss (the Apes in charge);

  1. The invisible obfuscation technique
  2. The overt military technique
  3. The passive harmony technique

They all lead to socialistic domination wherein the few mandate to the many (an age-old presumption of Mankind).

Well, I have several solutions and you have yours, at least we’re trying, eh?

I haven’t even revealed my solutions, yet (in full).

You will one day…

…probably far too late. :mrgreen:

But yeah, “at least WE are trying”. Nothing can die until it fails to try.

Freedom is the easy part-- what you do with that freedom-- that’s the tricky part.

Yep, that’s what Moses said.

Don’t you have to study–turn in a paper tomorrow–or something?

Your last post is either a description of your own anti-semetism or looking for an answer to an essay question.

If you think any of the ancient peoples were either effeminate or effete, you’d better read your texts, me boy-o. The ancient tribes were anything but that. They were warriors, marauders, and land-hungry people–no matter what their religion. As a matter of fact, their religion often led them to be ‘conquerors’ of other lands.

Now either go to bed or go back to your desk (or study carrel) and think about what you say–before you say it.

You’re so far off Lizbeth that I don’t even know where to begin.

Why not begin at the beginning? What do you mean by your thread title? What do you mean by “What does it mean to be Jewish?”

Do you mean Hebrew as a race or Judaism as a religion?

Find what it is that’s the main point of your discussion. You bounce around so much it’s difficult to determine. What is it you’re trying to ‘say,’ for goodness sake! Various things you say, in what may be called your ‘eagerness’ to communicate, often come across, to me, at least, as forms of ‘-isms,’ the latest of which seems to be anti-Semitism, given the sentence I’ve underlined above.

I’m sure you’re ‘bright,’ but I also believe you have a ‘scattered’ mind. Focus on a thought you want to communicate and stick to that one thought–otherwise, you’re revealing yourself rather than your thoughts.

Scatter brained, ha, fuck me, that’s the last thing I am, ah for fucks sake, please.

That sentence you underlined, was misterpreted on your behalf for it was taken out of context. On the contrary, it’s just the reverse of what you’ve extracted from it.

Hate Hate Hate

I think it’s best we don’t communicate anymore.

This is really getting rather silly, don’t you think?

I said:

Having a ‘scattered’ mind doesn’t mean the same as being ‘scatter-brained,’ does it? Well, maybe it does to you, but not to me.

The sentence I underlined was within the context of your paragraph which was a part of your post. I took nothing out of context.

Say what you have to say–please! If you don’t mean what you say, don’t say it! That’s all I’m asking.

If your last two posts say what you mean, I am so very sorry.

Please stop misinterpreting me, it is causing me pain.

If you can’t discuss things normally, please don’t post anything.

Are you a clever troll? :slight_smile: Sorry, I don’t mean to cause pain. It won’t happen again. :frowning: