Jews are the most racist race

So, “the Lord your God, the God of Israel”, mentioned in the bible, is not the god of jews?

Not that such a question is at all relevant, but I don’t think the Jews know their God. And I know that you don’t. You don’t even know what a god is. So the question is moot in that you are unworthy to ask it (wouldn’t know what I said even if I answered it).

I suspect that you would be hard pressed to get very many Jews to say that.

What are called “Jews” today, the Judaists (not the race), separate themselves from Jesus and Christianity. They are not the Hebrews. And even what they know of Abraham is a fog. The Jews of today are not the Jews of yesterday. Christianity is similar in that regard. The “Christian God” and the “Jewish God” are supposed to be the same God, as is that of Islam (and even the Mormons).

From what I can tell, none of them would know “The One True God” if they tripped over him (which they have).

Interesting mental gymnastics there to try and claim that even though you worship the god of the Bible, you don’t actually worship the god of the Jews. If the Jews, as you say, don’t know their god, then how can you believe anything the Bible says, since it was written by Jews?

As a Pagan I can assure you that I do know what a god is. Far better than any monotheist.

It wasn’t “written by the Jews”. It was written by some Israelites and some Greeks, some Armenians, and some Romans.

And since you insist on changing topic, related to your question: The Vibe

Are the Jews not Israelites, then? The Jews are the tribe of Judah, one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Moreover, after the fall of the Northern Kingdom and the later Babylonian captivity of the Southern Kingdom, the Jews were the only Israelites who remained. What we know as the Old Testament was compiled after this period, by Jews. And while the New Testament was written in Greek, its writers were Jews. Jews who spoke Greek, as pretty much the whole of the Middle East did at that time, either as a first or second language.

Oh really?
The Khazars, the current rulers of Israel, might have something to say about that.

“compiled”, not entirely written. And the Roman Catholic compiled it again. Or were those only “Roman Catholic Jews”?

And Still irrelevant to the topic.

The Khazar theory has been proven wrong by genetics. Modern Jews, by and large, are descended from ancient Palestinian stock, with some slight mixtures from the populations among whom they lived in the Middle Ages, to varying degrees.

Discussing the Jewish invention of monotheism is by no means irrelevant to the topic. … y#Genetics

+++In 2013, the results of the largest genetic study on Jews released by the Wayne State University found that Ashkenazi, North African, and Sephardi Jews shared substantial genetic ancestry, that they derive from Middle Eastern and European populations and found no detectable Khazar genetic origins.+++

National Socialists aren’t conservatives and Jews aren’t liberals. It’s the other way around, if anything.

What you’re talking about here is The Jewish Lie.
More here: … ewish-lie/

Note that the idea that the real hope is “in-between” can be taken too far. Just as false dichotomy can be used to hide the possibilities that lie in between the two options or outside of the spectrum formed by the two options, so can false dichotomy be used as a reverse-bluff, to make people think that the real hope is lying somewhere in between, when in actuality it is lying in one of the two options that are offered.

Then that is even more evidence supporting Germanic and such being superior In certain aspects.

I think that is bs. I thought Egypt created the whole monotheism “one true god” idea… … rt-faq.htm

Africans are not Jews James, they are gentiles.

Do you?

The first monotheistic God was invented by the Egyptians, the next by others, at least not by Hebrews that you falsely call “Jews”. The Hebrews copied “their” God from the Egyptians and many aspects of “their” religion from the Babylonians.

It has not been proven wrong.

Is it true that Jew’s sons have greater resemblance to their fathers than any other race? if this is true, it implies George Bush is actually a genetic Jew, because all bushes look the same. Either that, or inbred.

If there is no god, then all descriptions of god(s) are erroneous fictions.

If there is a god, then god is not owned by anyone or any group. God is not invented, God is discovered.

There is only one reasonable meaning of “Jewish god” : the characteristics of God discovered and reported by the Jews.

Since Christians claim that God has different characteristics than what the Jews claim, that means that Christians do not believe in a “Jewish god” … they believe in a “Christian god”.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Hindus … may all be partially, or entirely, wrong in their descriptions of god(s).

Genes are being manipulated far more than you know. Your “DNA machine” is merely a capitalistic version of the imperial practice.

Be more clear please.

For thousands of years, families and races have been “culled” for sake of the group, just as with secular humanism. The traditional process involved diseases, wars, and social disdain. With the advent of retroviruses, entire gene pools are being “retrofitted”, made more primitive on the DNA level, so as to allow the chosen to be relatively more advanced (“all things are relative”).

Using retroviruses, it has become easy to cause a new born to take on the genes of the mother rather than the father, for example. It is always easier to make someone more stupid than it is to make someone smarter. So they finally figured out that making the unchosen more stupid or weak was the way to go (neurological toxins, fungi, bacteria, diseases, viruses, and retroviruses all aimed at systemic entropy). And if they don’t serve society, it is best to just be rid of them.

The animals don’t attack you when they don’t know what you are doing to them. "The chaff must be separated from the wheat".

The Holocaust families were not the chosen.

The holocaust was instigated by Jews, taking advantage of the childish naivete of Aryans. The Jews wanted other jews to die so they could have more power to themselves.

The DNA machine will prevent the further devolution of the species. Prior “culling” methods were instigated by Jews (such as the holocausts, or biblical killings) and ended up in genetic decay. The Machine will remedy this decay, and it is not a culling method, as it literally bends the genetics itself, thus alleviating the whole process of culling altogether.

The Jews didn’t invent culling.