Jews are the most racist race

Though he says here…

This is Jew vs. Jew and not as exception but as purported rule.

There is no need to distinguish between Jewish and Judist if he is right. Your point would be meaningless if his general position is right.

Because the original arrangement was between 12 enslaved tribes vs Egypt, the tribes, coming under their newly established serpent god (“Israel”), were the people of “judgement” (hence “Judea” and “Juus” which became “Jew”). Via worshiping one particular serpent, they became one people. And came to be referred to as such, the Juus (the people of Judea and Judgement), later called “Jewish”.

But as is always the case, not all of them worshiped that serpent god, thus the rise of Christianity as well as many atheists among the Jews. Even in Christianity, many are actually atheists, more are Judaists, and some even Buddhist and Muslim. Any large enough group is going to contain variations that include complete mis-categorization.

But the effort to create a Jewish State and Jew controlled world requires large numbers. And that means that if there is a chance to call someone a team member, then do so. Thus the race was the focus, not merely those who properly worship the serpent. And then because the serpent won the last great war, none distinguish the race from the worshipers other than those leading … and altruistic philosophers.

So the Judaist worship was intentionally conflated with the Jewish race throughout the language. But the truth still remains that some of the Jewish race are innocent from worshiping the serpent of judgement. The language does not dictate the truth. So many people misuse the language unintentionally and some are fooled by it as was intended.

As far as the language, forgiveness has to be considered given how much manipulating has been going on to obfuscate the language (manipulating is what the serpent is about: obfuscation and extortion). There are times when I might say “Jewish” when I really meant “Judist”. Shit happens.

I am not going to blame a person who happened to have been born of Jewish parents for crimes committed by the Judust worshipers of the Serpent. But when and if they choose to inspire judgement upon others (especially by nefarious means), they choose their own guilt. One cannot assess a person by what they are called, but rather to what they are called to do.

If you use that black ball, you are guilty.

The false dichotomy that is leading so many into these hatreds is the idea that a person must either love the Pharaoh types (“Conservatives”: Romans, Nazis, Arabs, British,…) or the Jew types (“Liberals”: Israeli, French, African, Jamaican,…) or more simply: “Order vs Anarchy” or “Slavery vs Freedom”.

As almost always, the real hope is neither, but an in-between (an anentropic harmony). So everyone is [falsely] accused of either loving the Jews or hating the Jews (“You are either with us or against us”). People are extorted into the hatred from both sides. Those who don’t play the game are the only ones free from it, but accused and hated by both sides (why did you think that I haven’t been trying to make friends here).

Even the Jews are accused by their own people for not being more racist (“You must support OUR people”). The Blacks and the Feminists do the same thing. That is how the Serpent works - creating false reasons to hate and attack someone … else … in JUDGEMENT (aka “god”).

I don’t believe the Jews being slaughtered was fake but I remain open to possibilities that it could have been or even greatly exaggerated… As all of us do philosophy here we should all remain open to the concept of the winning side writing history as they see fit. That creates the possibility that the jewish community could fabricate things or if not that definitely exaggerate and use it as a scapegoat/cry of manipulation when needed.

About Japan, I personally believe the US bombed Japan for revenge and not to end the war. I believe Russia was already at Japans door step and ending the war with them. Correct me if I am wrong about Russia taking Japan out of the war and our bombing them for revenge.

There is no master race but instead each side having aspects of which they are superior in. Einstein finished the nuclear bomb but Nordic/germanic people started it. That war was one of the biggest leaps In tech (war tech mostly) in human history, and most of it was due to germanic people. USA and other sides would take German tech when possible and figure out how it worked themselves so that they could build it for their armies as well.

Just a side note: Einstein had almost nothing at all to do with the Bomb. He was considered a “diplomat for the cause”, not an actual functioning member (much like media physicists).

For example: Waffen-SS foreign volunteers and conscripts (also in UK and Ireland).

Two early recruits to the British Free Corps (BFC): SS-Mann Kenneth Berry and SS-Sturmmann Alfred Minchin, with German officers, April 1944.

A French volunteer of the 33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne (1st French) - took an active part in the Battle of Moscow (1941) and the Battle of Berlin (1945).

Yes. So Wikipedia should be used very carefully

Russia was not in war with Japan untill the war was not over in Europe, because both had a treaty to not attack each other. So the Soviets had only one front, namely the western front. But then the fact that the war was over in Europe became the welcomed chance for the Soviets to attack Japan and to occupy Japanese islands. And so the Soviets did. Please do not forget: The Soviets were aggressive imperialists, and they would never had survived a two-front war. So they had to wait with their attack against Japan until the war in Europe was over.

Yes. There are many examples. Some of those German weapons were not used during the war, and many current experts say that if the Germans had used them they would have won the war.

The later rockets of the US - also of the SU (Soviet Union, Russia), the EU and China - that brought US people to the Moon are the German rockets V1 and V2, built by Wernher von Braun and his team during the Second World War at the rocket research institute in Peenemünde.

I wonder how many of the anti-Jews here choose to believe in the Jewish god, and his holy book, the Old Testament?

They aren’t “anti-Jews”. They are non-Jews and anti-liars. Stop lying and the non-Jew-favoritism and rhetoric can cease. This is a philosophy forum. We point out lies.

The Judaists declared themselves racists. Those trying to claim their innocence in that matter are the liars.

I’ll ask again. Do you believe in the Jewish god?

The Jews don’t own God. There is no Jewish God.

Yes, there is. They invented the “one true god” idea. If you are a monotheist, you are worshipping the Jewish god.

The didn’t invent anything. The religious thought enemated from the old universals problem of the one and the many. This became popularized for public consumption. Hellenism gave rise to both : Judaism and Zoroastrianism.

So, “the Lord your God, the God of Israel”, mentioned in the bible, is not the god of jews?

Not that such a question is at all relevant, but I don’t think the Jews know their God. And I know that you don’t. You don’t even know what a god is. So the question is moot in that you are unworthy to ask it (wouldn’t know what I said even if I answered it).

I suspect that you would be hard pressed to get very many Jews to say that.

What are called “Jews” today, the Judaists (not the race), separate themselves from Jesus and Christianity. They are not the Hebrews. And even what they know of Abraham is a fog. The Jews of today are not the Jews of yesterday. Christianity is similar in that regard. The “Christian God” and the “Jewish God” are supposed to be the same God, as is that of Islam (and even the Mormons).

From what I can tell, none of them would know “The One True God” if they tripped over him (which they have).

Interesting mental gymnastics there to try and claim that even though you worship the god of the Bible, you don’t actually worship the god of the Jews. If the Jews, as you say, don’t know their god, then how can you believe anything the Bible says, since it was written by Jews?

As a Pagan I can assure you that I do know what a god is. Far better than any monotheist.

It wasn’t “written by the Jews”. It was written by some Israelites and some Greeks, some Armenians, and some Romans.

And since you insist on changing topic, related to your question: The Vibe

Are the Jews not Israelites, then? The Jews are the tribe of Judah, one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Moreover, after the fall of the Northern Kingdom and the later Babylonian captivity of the Southern Kingdom, the Jews were the only Israelites who remained. What we know as the Old Testament was compiled after this period, by Jews. And while the New Testament was written in Greek, its writers were Jews. Jews who spoke Greek, as pretty much the whole of the Middle East did at that time, either as a first or second language.

Oh really?
The Khazars, the current rulers of Israel, might have something to say about that.

“compiled”, not entirely written. And the Roman Catholic compiled it again. Or were those only “Roman Catholic Jews”?

And Still irrelevant to the topic.

The Khazar theory has been proven wrong by genetics. Modern Jews, by and large, are descended from ancient Palestinian stock, with some slight mixtures from the populations among whom they lived in the Middle Ages, to varying degrees.

Discussing the Jewish invention of monotheism is by no means irrelevant to the topic.