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Russia was not in war with Japan untill the war was not over in Europe, because both had a treaty to not attack each other. So the Soviets had only one front, namely the western front. But then the fact that the war was over in Europe became the welcomed chance for the Soviets to attack Japan and to occupy Japanese islands. And so the Soviets did. Please do not forget: The Soviets were aggressive imperialists, and they would never had survived a two-front war. So they had to wait with their attack against Japan until the war in Europe was over.

Yes. There are many examples. Some of those German weapons were not used during the war, and many current experts say that if the Germans had used them they would have won the war.

The later rockets of the US - also of the SU (Soviet Union, Russia), the EU and China - that brought US people to the Moon are the German rockets V1 and V2, built by Wernher von Braun and his team during the Second World War at the rocket research institute in Peenemünde.