ANyone here chew Juicy Fruit? Why?

I gave up chewing gum - it made me nevous. But back in the day my favorite chew was JF. It seemed like the most immediate sugarbath available.



It is Juicy…


…perhaps glycerine


It tastes like something. Fruit, but what kind. Interesting, but frightening.


Gum has a dark future as the flavor lacks promise and the chewing causes headaches.

Childhood habit. Children respond to fruit-like flavors better than the mint varieties. Appeal to childhood memories or mom’s knowing that juicy fruit was an easier sell than doublemint.

sucking juicy fruit just doesn’t have the same zing…


But in today’s marketplace JF is overshadowed by myriad flavors far more intense and fruity. So…why JF still?

Juicy Fruit needs new packaging…
It should look like the packaging of the other brands…


I heard a rumour that Chewing Gum, if swallowed, is not disgested properly by the degestive system and will remain inside you for ETERNITY!

Chewing Gum is the modern day Philosophers Stone, albiet, highly modernised, popularised and decadent.




Burger King


The use of anxiety filled images helps to discharge the anxiety about a product.

Note: see the Burger King ads with an oversized head figure, homosexual, sexual, and threat of death imagery.


Products that have mysterious elements to them will fail if those elements are explained or hidden, so it is better to capitalize on the mystery. JF has fruit chemicals.

I still grab a pack when I can find it. It is the best gum to chew if you work outdoors in the heat and dust. The others lack the ability to keep you from suffering a parched throat. The other gums don’t work as well or as long.

er it also works great for drymouth FYI for those that may suffer that after indulging.



chewing gum is full of sugar


I only chew tobacco… it is healthier, for the soul. see earlier post.

Colin - In fact, it has been scientifically proven that if JFK had been chewing Juicy Fruit, it would have absorbed the bullet(s) that killed him, thereby saving his life. The big question is, then, why wasn’t he chewing it?

It has also been shown that JF, had it been used in the construction of the WTC, would have been able to prevent the towers from collapsing. Again, the question looms, Why wasn’t it used?

Another interesting fact - chemical analysis of JF has shown no fewer than three chemical compounds hitherto unknown to science.

Do I have to tell you that packs of JF are given out as party favors at Bohemian Grove?

Probably not.

I’ve never been much of a JF Man. Now Fruit Stripe, that’s a fucking gum! You know, the stuff with the zebra on the package? It totally kicks ass. It’s the best tasting gum in the world, only problem is the flavor gets chewed out in like 120 seconds. It’s like the crack of gum.

If someone could make a diet soda that tastes exactly like Fruit Stripe I’d buy a dozen cases of the shit per week. :sunglasses:

let’s hope not, I’ve swallowed my gum since I’ve chewed gum.

Oh I see LMAO what a disapointment to advertisers I am You see I was thinking of just that gum with the Zebra LOL The word fruit stuck in my head. Husband just reminded that Juicy fruit is made by the same folks that make doublemint. LOL Guess I don’t pay enough attention to commercials, bad consumer, bad.LOL

This is no luaghing matter. If you can figure out the secret of JF, you can figure out how to be popular and win friends. Why is it that JF is the number one in the fruit flavored category, in terms of dollar sales, when it is widely assumed that teens react to a variety of flavors, “extreme” names and wildly colorful packaging. JF is about as bland looking and tired a package you can have. It’s the old “stick” style rather than the chunk of love style. My money would be on Bubble Yum or Bubblicious - covering every flavor known to man and inventing new ones and tying in words like Typhoon and Ballastic, etc… But JF far exceeds them in sales among TEENS. WTF!?

Sure, call the brand ICONIC, but who cares. Is JF really a fashion statement? Sure, I could see it on a hipster teesirth in Urban Outfitters, before I’d see Bubblicious. Is that the secret? Maybe it’s because JF has a foothold in vending machine sales - due to lack of competition, but loses big in the 7-11s.

There are two brands that have been there forever. JF and Doublemint. It’s the fly wheel effect. Both conquered and dominated the fruit and the mint flavors market. They’re a “tradition”, our earliest memory of the pacifier known as gum. Once habituated, our tastes change slowly, if at all. Consider: Catsup is Heinz. Mustard is French’s yellow mustard. Why? Because that is what you saw on the kitchen table at lunch, every hotdog stand, every greasy spoon diner, since you were a child. Some brands are “comfort” brands. They are our familiars, something that says continuity. JF is one of those brands. It has nothing to do with the flavor, the shape, the packaging, as long as it is the SAME thing I’ve always known.

JT, I’m asking in regard to teens who have no recollection of life without BubbleYUm and Bubblicious. They do not recall the times when JF was the only game in town, so the classic effect you’re talking about does not apply to teens, which is the biggest market for JF by far since most adults only chew minty gum for breath reasons. You’re absolutely right regarding why we might chew JF (although for a sugar fix I’d go with chicklets) but I should have asked about why teens chew it - and facts show they do, big time. Any thoughts?

I think “whats widely assumed” is probably wrong, and its the taste Gamer

EDIT: wait was that too simple an answer? Give me another day I’ll come up with something convoluted, twist and distort it by coining some ridiculus words to “better convey my meaning”… and just generally try to muddy the waters a bit. I bet you are all on the edge of your seats.

Well, as a teen, there are many choices offered, but I think you need to look in the purse of the moms when those teens were three and four years old. It’s just conjecture on my part, but I’d guess that mom had a pack of JF in that purse to pacify that cranky needs-a-nap child. As a teen, that same child may have always known about Bubble-Yum, but the earliest “knowing” was what mom had in her purse, and that is as plausable explanation as I can come up with. We rarely ever understand the root causes of our preferences for certain foods, or certain brands of anything, but if I want to know why a teenager, capable of making choices, chooses this over that, I’m going to talk to mom, not the teen.