Joe Biden 46th President

So, the prior Trump administration talked about having the military distribute the vaccine nationwide, apparently the Biden administration has gone for the more subtle route of putting the vaccine in every pharmacy store for national distribution, still no word if it will be mandatory or not under their leadership. Looking forward to those future moves with heightened anticipation. :sunglasses:

Odd, nobody has been talking about the many people who have already taken the vaccine having adverse reactions and dying as a consequence. [Especially older people.] Ah, well… :sunglasses: :laughing:

Yes, Trump attempted a coup by putting thousands of soldiers in Washington D.C. and then out of fear publicly stated that they worried about the political allegiances of the soldiers there guarding the nation’s capital worrying about an inside attack from them, oops, that was Biden not Trump, my bad. :sunglasses: Please keep in mind that I never voted for Trump, however I didn’t vote for Biden either.

The world very much is a zero sum game hence my username silly. There are a few winners but mostly a lot of losers, however, eventually after the winners have destroyed everybody else they eventually start viciously turning on each other in a sort of cannibalistic frenzy. Over success or excessive predation also has its setbacks, in the end everybody loses including the winners, their victories short lived because of their constant short sightedness. After all of that collapse of societies, civilizations, and whole entire ecosystems becomes inevitable. [And a collapsed society is my dream come true, that’s my happy place. That is my Shangri-la.]

It is always about unlimited power, money, greed, control, corruption, lust, reproductive access, pleasure, endless desire, and so on. Your entire philosophy is one of a mentally deprived sheep always looking for a shepherd and you’re too naive to realize that the shepherds you receive are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

United States mainstream media in the last 24 hours be like… :sunglasses:


Yea, Positive Pete is a real ball of sunshine, ain’t he, he and his ilk? :sunglasses:
The well runs deep with him, one never thirsts in his presence.
He exudes so much hope, so much humanity, understanding and generosity of spirit, that I can’t bear to be zapped with another one of his love beams any longer. :laughing:

Day two.
This is a professional and well considered programme.
Open, frank, honest press conferences.
Clear ideas.
America is saved
Thank fuck.

I don’t know any Russian word, but the DeepL-Translator has translated “Positive Peter” into “позитивировочный питер” (?). Peter Kropotkin (Пётр Кропоткин) was (tested) positive. Wasn’t he?

Now that the junta military political coup in Washington D.C. is now complete, it’s back to regular business of doing things. :sunglasses:

Speaking of our men, women, gender neutral, trannies, and queer people in uniform it would seem our Demshivek senators or congressman gave them the cold shoulder after the lovely transition of power, they went from sleeping on the cold marble floors of the Congress building to now being stationed on the cold concrete slabs of political nearby parking garages, it has caused such a national uproar as a negative public spectacle. Interestingly enough, Donald Trump has offered to give Washington D.C. soldiers free rooms and boarding in his extravagant Washington D.C. hotel. :sunglasses: Well, it’s certainly no wonder why they want to impeach him come Monday, can’t have an ex president making friendly with soldiers, can we? And here I thought 2021 was going to be boring, by the looks of things, it’s just warming up. :sunglasses: :laughing:

Trump is good at stunts.

Trump should be sent the bill for the whole debacle. SInce the militarisation of the inauguration is down to him.


of America not united?
Because of selfish, hateful, hyper-partisan pricks like Peter.
He thinks about half the country, anyone who believes in conservative values, anyone who believes in creationism or has suspended judgment on the matter, is a selfish idiot.
But he doesn’t have the balls to admit what he is.
He wants to pretend like he’s hopeful, and tolerant, when he’s really full of bigotry, bitterness, cynicism and hate.
Good point, the social utopia gang that always talks about peace, love, hope, and so on are the biggest hypocrites full of hatred. :wink:
Yea, Positive Pete is a real ball of sunshine, ain’t he, him and his ilk? :sunglasses:
The well runs deep with him, so one never thirsts as long as he’s nearby.
He exudes so much hope, so much humanity, understanding and generosity of spirit, that I can’t bear to be zapped with another one of his love beams any longer. :laughing:
I don’t know any Russian word, but the DeepL-Translator has translated “Positive Peter” into “позитивировочный питер” (?). Peter Kropotkin (Пётр Кропоткин) was (tested) positive. Wasn’t he?
K: I am very confused… am I a selfish, hyper-partisan prick or am I one who exudes so much
hope and so much humanity and generosity that I “zap with my love beams?”

which one am I? I am rather confused…which version is the “correct one?”

and as far as being tested positive, I assume
for the Covid-19, nope, I have been tested a couple of times and negative …

and I will likely be given the vaccine within the month… essential worker and all of that…


Speaking of unity and national healing, I find it very fascinating that Joe Biden along with the Demshivek political party essentially is calling 70 million Trump supporters [Probably more when you subtract Dominion statistical revisions] racists, White Nationalists, and White supremacists. I mean, how’s that going for national unity and collective healing? :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

You know, there’s a time where the words racist or racism loses all its power, potency, stigma, and meaning especially when you brow beat seventy plus million people, eventually people become immune to the label, accusation, or insult where they stop caring altogether. When that happens a new cultural dynamic emerges and that will be pretty neat. The word racism is synonymous with the word heresy in its modern usage and overtime all the so called heretics stop caring about the public stigma altogether as eluded to previously. Of course the Marxists and neoliberals don’t understand how all of this will backfire on them tremendously but they will soon enough. :sunglasses:

Right on with the Proletariat, comrades!

But sleepy Joe could never evolve into a Joe Stalin

So let’s drop the pretense to any misconception that he could revise kids’ history books to suit his ‘agenda’. Big Joe Stalin killed millions to squash the wrong idea that he was not the author of those revisionix.

Surely, the sleepy one could never conceivably plan uppmenship to the Big One!, even with his Indian Squaw behind him.

If you call seventy million deplorables racist, they’re eventually going to say, “Okay, I’m a racist and I don’t care what you think anymore.”

Then break away societies occur overtime, all good things in my book in the wonderful accelerationist year of 2021.

The magical words of racist or racism are losing all of its power because essentially the political left are brandishing the word for just about everything they don’t like and the more absurdity from their social hysterics plays out overtime the less people start caring altogether.

Well then, with all the myriad of ideologies come and go through the millanea, hows come Jews and blacks have yet to overcome the covert connotation attached, ? And other minority populations, such as those inhabiting the vast portions of the ’ liberated’ nations of the Brit common wealth?

Ok. It may happen, but not in a day or two, of even during a single duration of one administration, even if it goes global.

Joe Biden isn’t in control, Kamala Harris and other radicals are. Joe Biden doesn’t know what to say or do without his communication earpiece telling him what to do and say. He’s not in charge, he takes his commands from others. :sunglasses:

I suspect that overtime in western nations once White Europeans become tired of being demonized, marginalized, and terrorized constantly overtime that’s when the fighting back will emerge, call it a hunch. :sunglasses:

This has already been transpiring the last five years.

So, let’s see here, they’re going to keep a garrison of soldiers inside Washington D.C. until about late March, perfectly normal… :sunglasses:

Speaking of collective national healing and unity, over here in politically conservative flyover portions of the United States virtually everybody I know is buying their 20th rifle or pistol along with their 1000th stockpile of munitions, they’re building underground bunkers, safe rooms in their houses, or a cabin retreat up in the mountains along with tons of survival equipment. It’s very odd how this collective national healing and unity is manifesting itself. It’s almost like… :sunglasses:

What is happening you guys? Did they not get the message or public memo that we’re healing nationally? :laughing:

Clearly they haven’t bought into the public narrative that Joe Biden is going to save the United States and everybody here, call it a speculative calculated guess. Everybody here the private conversations are always the same about civil war or secession. :imp:


Whispers, rumors, speculations, and hearsay from major economists or financial analysts that a market crash will be coming to the United States within the next year[or two].

The voices projecting the death of the dollar in the near future are getting louder and louder publicly in sentiment, I look forward to following this as it develops with much great anticipation. :sunglasses: