Joe Biden 46th President

The USA, as far as they can be understood as the political representation of the people of the USA, actually died on 23/12/1913, when the politicians finally left the fate of the USA to the high finance (foundation of the FED on 23/12/1913).

Agreed. :wink:

Ah. The infamous Mr. Bitcoin, also known as Mr. Hyperinflation, should be my signature! :laughing: :sunglasses:


Mr. Hyper-Inflation will be sneaking into the national party soon. :sunglasses:

THis is going to work for ordinary people.
Not so much for the rich.

This Cheered me Up.
Fat mouth Guiliani has been bad mouthing the Dominion Election system for fraud, yet offereing ZERO evidence across 30+ law courts in an act of utter political performance.

Now they have decided to fight back… … ynDgaxU45A

Biden is trash. That simple.

Harriet Tubman for the new twenty dollar bill, I’m surprised they didn’t pick George Floyd in all honesty. :laughing:

Oh well, the dollar isn’t going to last much longer anyways, I’ll probably be wiping my ass in the woods in a near future on Harriet Tubman’s face. :sunglasses: :laughing:

The goal of course is to replace Harriet Tubman eventually with a gold and Bitcoin backed yuan anyways. [The emerging new world currency reserve.]

Says a loon with a looney avatar and a looney signature.

This pretty much means that Biden is a God.

Of course Joe Biden picked Rachel Levine [trannie] as an assistant for secretary of health, naturally. :sunglasses:


And your problem with that is…?

They’re mentally ill. :sunglasses:

At this point it’s just too easy making a parody of the entire United States, not very difficult at all, really, this shit just writes itself. :laughing:

I think it is pretty clear that you saying that is the pot calling the kettle black.


Of course! Of health! Naturally! :laughing: :sunglasses:

Clear! Sure! Aren’t trannies trendies?

Rachel in action (payed by taxpayers):

Shemale Ann Mary (obviously not payed by taxpayers):