Joe Biden 46th President


Of course! Of health! Naturally! :laughing: :sunglasses:

Clear! Sure! Aren’t trannies trendies?

Rachel in action (payed by taxpayers):

Shemale Ann Mary (obviously not payed by taxpayers):

i think this is one of those fake memes from facebook

Someone clearly didn’t watch the presidential debates then. :sunglasses:

Are you one of those low information voters I constantly hear about?

Stand By Proud Boys I’m going lead you into shit by stay home.

That is one of the reasons why I opened the thread “Is Biden Dangerous?”!

You would do better to recognise a fake meme when you see one.

Have you even consdiered what the “…” in the middle of the quote might have contained. Or are you THAT stupid?

Sure kid. :laughing:

Rumor has it that a bunch of business savvy internet nerds have taken out Melvin Hedgefund revolving around Gamestop [their stocks], the establishment is already calling it economic terrorism and if the establishment hates it I’m all for it. :sunglasses:

There is speculation that this incident has wider financial or economic consequences in the coming weeks, I’ll be watching this as it develops. [Cascade effect]

This should of been obvious to everybody two years ago. :-k

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :-"

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :sunglasses:

Joe Biden set to legalize eleven million foreign immigrants and nationals within his first year of office. :sunglasses:


How do you know that I meant the picture. My point is whether Biden is dangerous. And if people think he is dangerous, they have their reasons.

Fakes were also posted about Trump when he became president. At that time, did you also tell everyone who saw a picture of Trump: “You would do better to recognize a fake meme”? I think you are the one who does not recognize fakes (involving Trump).

I opened a thread at the time with the question, “Is Donald Trump Dangerous?” And I opened a thread a few days ago asking: “Is Joe Biden Dangerous?” You have a strange sense of equality (equal rights). Are you that dumb?

1:30-2:00 :sunglasses:


Joe Biden set to legalize eleven million foreign immigrants and nationals within his first year of office. :sunglasses:

K: sure, lets just pull a number out of our ass and claim it is the truth…
sounds like a conservative to me…

I am set to win a billion dollar lotto this year… which has just as much validation
as your Biden alien number…

Kropotkin … 10124.html

Thanks. And you clearly said this:

Biden is merely his own parody.

But it is nevertheless dangerous what he says, especially when there are so many stupid people who idolize him, as you can see very well on this web forum. .

The doofuses have their own God, and he is very strong at the moment.

If your dog thinks he/she/it would rather be a cat, and a transgender as a cat, then that’s damn well the right of that ex-dog, ex-cat or ex-whatever to become an absoluelty different whatever and transgender! The god of the doofuses has spoken!

i bought a few shares this morning, held them for 18 minutes and sold and made 252 bucks and change. i dont even care about video games i just saw that shit going up. tried to do limit at 260, but it was going so fast to i changed the orders and it took 18 mins for them to come and go i was like lolz

K: my father was a newspaper man for 30 years… he owned a newspaper and was management
in another and I lived with newspapers for the first 15 years of my life…

I wouldn’t trust a paper if it told me that the sun rose in the east… I would go out an check
it before I believed it…newspapers are really not more then gossip set in print…
and never, ever was a paper ahead of the news… a newspaper is always behind the times
even in the best of the papers…part of the reason that I don’t read newspapers anymore…
even though it was my habit for over 40 years… I just don’t trust them…