Joe Biden 46th President

Sure kid. :laughing:

Rumor has it that a bunch of business savvy internet nerds have taken out Melvin Hedgefund revolving around Gamestop [their stocks], the establishment is already calling it economic terrorism and if the establishment hates it I’m all for it. :sunglasses:

There is speculation that this incident has wider financial or economic consequences in the coming weeks, I’ll be watching this as it develops. [Cascade effect]

This should of been obvious to everybody two years ago. :-k

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Joe Biden set to legalize eleven million foreign immigrants and nationals within his first year of office. :sunglasses:


How do you know that I meant the picture. My point is whether Biden is dangerous. And if people think he is dangerous, they have their reasons.

Fakes were also posted about Trump when he became president. At that time, did you also tell everyone who saw a picture of Trump: “You would do better to recognize a fake meme”? I think you are the one who does not recognize fakes (involving Trump).

I opened a thread at the time with the question, “Is Donald Trump Dangerous?” And I opened a thread a few days ago asking: “Is Joe Biden Dangerous?” You have a strange sense of equality (equal rights). Are you that dumb?

1:30-2:00 :sunglasses:


Joe Biden set to legalize eleven million foreign immigrants and nationals within his first year of office. :sunglasses:

K: sure, lets just pull a number out of our ass and claim it is the truth…
sounds like a conservative to me…

I am set to win a billion dollar lotto this year… which has just as much validation
as your Biden alien number…

Kropotkin … 10124.html

Thanks. And you clearly said this:

Biden is merely his own parody.

But it is nevertheless dangerous what he says, especially when there are so many stupid people who idolize him, as you can see very well on this web forum. .

The doofuses have their own God, and he is very strong at the moment.

If your dog thinks he/she/it would rather be a cat, and a transgender as a cat, then that’s damn well the right of that ex-dog, ex-cat or ex-whatever to become an absoluelty different whatever and transgender! The god of the doofuses has spoken!

i bought a few shares this morning, held them for 18 minutes and sold and made 252 bucks and change. i dont even care about video games i just saw that shit going up. tried to do limit at 260, but it was going so fast to i changed the orders and it took 18 mins for them to come and go i was like lolz

K: my father was a newspaper man for 30 years… he owned a newspaper and was management
in another and I lived with newspapers for the first 15 years of my life…

I wouldn’t trust a paper if it told me that the sun rose in the east… I would go out an check
it before I believed it…newspapers are really not more then gossip set in print…
and never, ever was a paper ahead of the news… a newspaper is always behind the times
even in the best of the papers…part of the reason that I don’t read newspapers anymore…
even though it was my habit for over 40 years… I just don’t trust them…


Biden is merely his own parody.

But it is nevertheless dangerous what he says, especially when there are so many stupid people who idolize him, as you can see very well on this web forum.

K: are you high? no one here “idolizes him” we just think it is nice to have an adult in
the White house for a change…please, once again you have us mistaken for someone else…
for example those who think that IQ45 can walk on water… that ain’t us… we don’t
mistake our emotions and feelings for facts…


my friend andreas came here when he was less than a year old and then when he was like 26 he got a dui and blah blah because he was a “criminal” now and because there was no daca type shit in play he literally had to go to colombia and live with an aunt that he had never met and try and learn to speak fucking spanish bruh.

[b]2021, the gift that keeps on giving, please stand by. :sunglasses:

“Have we started the fire? Yes, the fire rises!”[/b]

[b]GME [NYSE] holders be like right about now… :sunglasses:

[Gamergate 2.0 version Fuck Wallstreet][/b]


The losses on Wallstreet yesterday were so bad due to this new menace of ‘economic terrorism’ that the mainstream media along with big tech reacted like you would typically expect, by shutting down business chats or forums in the name of ‘hate speech’.

Of course the forums and chats merely changed locations on the internet after this corporate reaction where the collective insurgency against Wallstreet hedgefunds continues even now. :sunglasses: In the next post I will detail what has transpired the last six days to bring everybody up to speed of current events. :evilfun:

For now I leave you an image and video below of how a group full of internet cyber business savvy nerds responded to being deplatformed after wounding Wallstreet badly this week. [I can still hear the kvetching all the way over here.]


First things first, a detailed more in depth explanation of what has transpired in the last six days that has crystallized or cemented within the last forty eight hours. Watch this before looking at my response of events unfolding which comes next after this. :sunglasses:


So basically in the last twenty or so years giant mega corporate hedgefunds have been shorting the hell out of businesses into financial insolvency within the United States. This has been common practice by vulture predatory capitalism where there is a collective group of individuals that make huge amounts of money for themselves in this fashion with utter disregard for employment, businesses, and the people that labor within them. What started at a Subreddit business forum of a few financial profiteers looking to make money for themselves seeing the folly or error of these largesse corporate hedgefund financial groups and simultaneously as a giant ‘fuck you’ to Wallstreet that has been financially pillaging or raping the United States for decades has transformed into a sort of political economic insurrection against Wallstreet itself, best of all it’s perfectly legal to do because these individual investors betting against these corporate hedgefunds are merely utilizing the same financial laws that they already utilize in common financial practice for themselves.

It went from a collective move to making money off of the stupidity of corporate hedgefunds to people just buying shares as a giant ‘fuck you’ to Wallstreet for political reasons beyond profit or investment with the intended goal of hurting Wallstreet itself. Of course because it’s a video game company all the wealthy video gaming business savvy nerds piled in by the thousands as a bonus effect. Now, you would think to yourself that this is a non-story of little relevance or importance, big financial investment corporations did something stupid and are now going financially bankrupted as a result of their poor financial choices, normally I would agree with that mental sentiment, except, it is the subsequent reaction of this little fiasco afterwards that has become very absurdly amusing as we will detail here. :sunglasses: :laughing: :evilfun:

And remember boys and girls watching from home looking at this post, accelerate, accelerate, and accelerate! :sunglasses:

Welcome to the new century of asymmetric warfare motherfuckers! You didn’t think this was over, did you? What, you thought this was some kind of game we’re playing here? :sunglasses: