Joker's Birthday.

In four weeks I will be turning 21…

( Now where is that stripper/ cheap hooker at for my birthday party?)

Come on folks…That stripper won’t manifest herself you know.

Should you live in the midwest of America and see a tall stalky blonde man with a smile on his face pushing a cart of liqour because he finally doesn’t have to procure his liqour illegally anymore be warned that it is me. :laughing:

Here is looking at the age of 21.

If you like rum (and that picture suggests you do), may I suggest Flor del Can~a. It is a fantastic rum whose basic line runs for something like ~$14 a 750 and it comes with a glass and it drinks better than many $30+ rums I’ve had. I had to stop buying the stuff because I’d get home with a bottle, drink the bottle, pass out, not wake up, and get fired. Waaaaayyy too good.

I like your suggestion. :slight_smile:

( Loves rum way too much.)

Happy Birthday Joker! Get a recorder so that you can recall the stupid things you did on the day you turned. Or maybe not. You may just want to forget what you did after drinking a whole bottle or two of rum. :laughing:

May you have many years of HAPPY birthdays!

Get yourself a nice bottle of something and share it with some friends. You won’t regret it.

…have a great time, Joker :wink:

Here she is…


She makes me wanna ‘turn’ :laughing:

Drink one for me!

I don’t think Joker can handle such a woman. :wink:

(hmmm…I think she’s bulletproof, too) :-k

Happy B-Day, Joker. I hope you don’t have to spend it in the joint. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Bows. Glad to see that some people actually care. :-({|= :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: