Journal/Poem of Red and Green

Red is passion and warmth. First seen in the blood, in the eyes, in flushed faces. Red is the energy of life.

Green is energetic but passive. The oneness of being can be assumed to exist in both of these because both of these exists. Green covers the red. Both are one. They were never separated except for in light. And then the separation was revealed.

Green-coolness…both are temperatures

Green-passive…both are states of being

There is a both that exists in both red and green. One displays while the other hides. Red needs attention, while green seeks to be hidden.

There is no difference.

They are playing a game-a game that cannot be acknowledged, yet is.
It continues in fervor.
Neither knowing when to quit or admit

When will it begin? Has is begun?-Can they escape?
There is no such thing as an escape for red and green.
They are. They are compliments. There is nothing to escape because there is nothing.

Only red and green.