Just another job…….

In the US military you are not strictly required to follow orders. But, if you do not follow an order you do have to know how to disobey the proper way if you don’t want problems.

“Into the valley of death rode the 500…”

Some poet

Ahh, but, that brings up not rules but, needs to follow and being part of one unit. The drive of belonging and the ability of a leader to instill that drive.

Well that’s why they all died the whole was not greater than the sum of its parts clearly.

The objective was to do, not survive or win.

The object was “ours is not to reason why ours is but to do or die”, so actually they broke the chain of command, which was considered de rigeur even then. “Once more unto the breech dear friends once more! Or close the wall up with our English dead.” King Harry V.

Yes, do or die not rules, belonging, being a part of. The chain and rules played no part in the mindset of the group it ceased to exist. Disobedience was not the objective.

Disobedience was a virtue in the British army, it still is, then though 500 men died because not one of them could question the order of their commander. Seems a bit of a loss for them. :wink:

Worthwhile for some random people in the future…maybe, possibly, who knows.
The individual is tortured now. The individual dies now. The individual’s children are killed now. The individual’s family line is extinguished now.
You value some abstract idea. You have no respect for human life.

The question is: Did they want to question their commander? More than likely, no. Bravado was cherished and respected more then than now. Plus remember all likely had a deep religious belief. God would save their souls. Damn strong motivators. An equally motivated and respected leader can nudge such actions where others could not. Death before dishonor… humans are malleable at times. :slight_smile:

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”…is it more convincing from the mouth/pen of Abe Lincoln?

Jewish leaders helped organize the move to the ghettos. They were starved to death.

There was no resistance of the millions of people who went to concentration camps and death camps. They died.

The Nazis intended to starve the slavs in the conquered eastern territories in order to feed Germans and to reduce the population in preparation for German settlements.

Cooperation was futile.

Abe Lincoln did not believe in those words, else there would have been no civil war.

Zionism in all its forms was inherently evil only surpassed by Anti Zionism. :-k

Which is surpassed by anti-in-lawism… bada boom :slight_smile:


It is gettin thick, but, you do not know what I did… and I don’t get that death sentence yet… :slight_smile:

You entirely misunderstand the nature of being cooperative. People can be manipulative and bullying by playing the victim. For example, the Jews today manage to get a HUGE, HUGE amount of attention by constantly keeping their history, including the holocaust, alive and in the limelight. They also acquire huge amounts of sympathy and I would be surprised if they do not get preference in many job situations etc because of their history. This is not about anti-Semitism nor the rights and wrongs of keeping the holocaust alive. I am just pointing out that as “victims” of history, the Jews do very well in terms of attention, protection from the law etc. So, just because Jews went willingly into ghettos, one cannot suppose that they are cooperative.

I didn’t say anything about Jews now or about manipulation.

A bunch of thugs are breaking your neighbors’ windows. What are you going to do about it?

Cattlecars are being loaded with people for resettlement. What are you going to do about it?

As far as I can tell, you propose being nice to the thugs because maybe in 50 years everyone will get along.

The Holocaust has been kept in the limelight not for the Jewish but, for all of us as a reminder of what happens, it is no different than any memorial meant to teach and remind. I have known quite a few folks of the Jewish religion, young and old, not once was it brought up or used in anyway. You almost sound bigoted towards that religious group.