just started reading Nietzsche........ WOW!!!!

It was my birthday recently, and my partner got me (among other things) a set of five Nietzsche books.
I have only skimmed through a few pages, one page, I read
last night made me shudder… It felt like he had hold of my shoulders, shaking me violently, sceaming “wake-up, man”.
It reads, very much, like poetry, he is a beautiful writer!
I am very eager to read these books, cover-to-cover.

The titles I have are:
Twilight of the idols,
The antichrist,
Human, all too human,
Thus spoke Zarathustra,
The portable Nietzsche- a collection of his writing.
Would anyone suggest reading them in a certain order, or shouldn’t that matter??

Yeah… you totallyneed to buy ‘My Sister and I’ its his last work, goes pretty indepth. Start with it.

Do Human, All too Human first!

Reading Nietzsche for the first time is like trying weed for the first time.


Read Thus Spoke Zarathustra first… and after that, anything in any order, except maybe Beyond Good and Evil first. I had fun doing it that way. TSZ is like a capsule parable, everything’s there in the animals.

And when people get out of line, tell them to “Talk to my animals!!!”

Started reading TSZ. I understand all the ‘hype’ about Nietszche, now. He is an amazing writer.

He was also the best musician and poet in german history.


I don’t think anyone said he was even the best philosopher in german history, if that notion makes sense.

Nietzsche is the only philosopher you’ll ever need to read. Whenever I read him, I jump up and down with joy, and tears roll down my eyes. I mean, you read him, and your eyes just open up. So wonderful… Im lost in serenity on my highest mountain, the rays of a golden sun breaking through the brave clouds above, shining down on my face as Nietzsche and I hold hands, twirling, stairing into one anothers eyes while takingbin the sights beyond of ice capped mountains, cliffs, valleys and villages… a rumble from my throat erupting as we break a single hand, still grasping the other, looking and leaning our weight apart… singing:


Then Nietzsche takes out a peacock feather after we collapse from singling, and tickles me… I giggle as the feather moves up and down my body, more slowly and sensously. I reach my four fingers out and lose them in the forest on his lip. He asks if I am hungry… I say yes… he tells me he made a special english dish for our philosophy pucnic, opens up a silver catering tray… its English Spotted Dick… and he feeds it to me, filling my mouth…

No wait… forgot, thats the seventh level of Hell. Dont read Nietzsche. Nietzsche is no good. Stay away from English Cuisine too.

Great post.

Thanks for posting.

LMAO :laughing-rolling:

Nietzsche is alright but Johann Kaspar Schmidt would of kicked his ass in a cage match.

In all seriousness without Johann Kaspar Schmidt Nietzsche might of have never existed.

Nihilism owes alot to Johann’s early German philosophical thought of individual anarchism. Used together they compliment each other philosophically very well.

Even the Russian anarchists couldn’t compete. It is rumored that Johann would argue against Marx and Bakunin vehemently in cafe circles. I wish I could of been a fly on the wall to listen in on their conversations.

Still Nietzsche certainly is a respectable writer but of course he is not a final voice on everything.

Nietzsche is, in fact, not the final word on a single thing except Christianism. He approaches things from the other end, usually.

Nietzsche can be… Cruel…really cruel!
Its like a slap around the face at points…
He shook me to the foundations, so to speak.

Its like I’m thinking about EVERYTHING in a whole new way!

I understand that joke now, about warning kids of the ‘risks’ of philosophy…

Lol, totally. I respect Nietzsche, among other reasons, because he knew how to hurt me.

Read a bit of Human all too human. The guy makes a bit too much sense for my liking lol

Were you raised with religion, any particular one?

Catholic born and raised. My dad was officialy in the Opus Dei, but he has always been what I call a “hippie Opus Dei,” which translates into hardcore ideas with softcore application. Still, I took religion very personally growing up.

Nietzsche tends to make a lot of sense. It is really only in BGE and TSZ that he gets esoteric.

Yes I was brought up Catholic, too.
Its official, I’m a fan of Nietszches writing, although I don’t, by any means, agree with ALL his views.
He makes a great deal of sense, and what a writer, what a poet!!
I’ve heard Human, All Too Human is his least profound book… It seems pretty profound to me, pretty ‘deep’.

Human, All Too Human is the one where he “let’s you have it” least directly. It’s central idea is expressed in the title, and it is not one to be very much respected by thinkers that like petrified, abstract, bulletproof ideas. Though, in reality, they are bulletproof.

In the Preface he writes about why he had to invent these “free spirits”.
That’s kind of a warning about how uncomfortable of a read it can be…

Nietszches writing should be age-restricted, though lol.