The organization of the world and the tranquillity of mankind depends upon Justice.

It is upheld by two pillars, reward and punishment. These two pillars are the sources of life to the world.

Justice and equity are two guardians for the protection of man.

Beware lest ye fail to apprehend its import, and be accounted among the erring.

Han Feizi’s two sticks are as old as time . . . but can they really serve as a foundation for anything? I think it was McIntyre, though it could well have been some other virtue ethicist who pointed out that justice only enters the scene after the system has broken down – it isn’t generative. I am inclined to agree with that assessment.

If guy A treats guy B justly then guy B is more likely to act justly towards guy C.

Justice is generative.

Injustice is degenerative.

Justice regenerates the broken down system if you will.

Justice is not a duality.

I didn’t say it was.

What is your definition of Justice.

Here is the short version: “The Will of the Stronger”.

I do not have the time for the long version… :smiley:

That assumes a cogent narrative between the two individuals. Standards of justice do vary, which is why justice on its own doesn’t mean much.

I disagree. I believe all concepts of Justice are the same, between all material things in fact. Justice is Gravity.

Yes a cogent narrative is practical.

What do you mean by justice on its own?

How would you define will and strength?

Care to elaborate?

Will is the intent of an Individual/Identity.

Strength is the ability for an Individual to impose Will in the form of Power.

The force, or willpower, that instigates ‘gravity’ also instigates ‘justice’.

That is precisely my point. Justice on its own doesn’t mean a thing. It needs and depends on other things to make any sense.

OK then that is not justice.

It needs and depends on other things to be known I agree.

Why not? Who are you to judge what Justice is or is not? What do you know that I do not?

If Justice is Gravity, then it does not need or depend on other things.

I know that your definition of Justice is not my own I am me to judge what justice is for myself. Who are you to judge?

I know that Justice is more than what you define it to be.

Your definition of Justice is the will to impose power upon others.

Justice is more than the will to impose power upon others.

Where does equity fall into your equation for example?

Are human beings animals in your view?