The first piller of Muslim Belief is first Kalima that a person has to recite:
“La Ilaaha” (Arabic) Means “There is no God”
“Illallaah” (Arabic) Means “But One God”

I believe Islam in the highest sence preach that you cannot truly believe in God or your belief in God cannot be true unless one first go through the process in which one experience so much pressure that one has to deny the diety and say … there is no God cause one is only following ones own rational reasoning and God cannot be found through one’s efforts and rational reasoning … only its is upto God to reveal Himself … like its is said in Quran “Your eyes cannot reach HIM rahter He is the one who reaches your eyes”

A great saint Ali (RA) once said that “God has not created the universe on eternal laws rahter He as created human beings and put boundries us to test us” …

Out belief in God cannot be true until we follow the path God wants us to follow…i.e keep observing ethical rules and as a result one will experience the growing pressure from all around and will experience tons of load getting increasing slowly (Islam offers a beautiful and balanced system of values and ethics in this path to be followed which is in harmony with the nature)…and with this ever increasing pressure a point will come which a great saint Abdul Qadir Jeelani expresses as folows: “on the path of finding God the follower will experience tons of pressure from all around and he will get to a point when even his own body parts will stop obeying him and he will be crushed and become all tears and ashes and truly experience the void and that there is no god (la llaaha) … only then God will reveal himself to him and say Here I am and He will gather the followers body parts and his mind and his conscionce and his senses and everything and only Now the follower will experience the true One God and see as He is and now he can live the way God wants him to live i.e in true harmony with God’s Will”.