Kant On Love

“Love is a duty”.

A lot of girls/guys show kindness, admiration and do favours, to a guy/girl. I wonder how could Kant explain how come the guy/girl might only “love” one or a few but not all of the girls/guys.

I suspect that duty can’t completly describe love, for it might be a complex thing. The “biological state”, even being true, does not anwser the question: why do you love he/her?

love for kant is an a posterori analytic experience…


Kant’s duty-centered ethic often contrasts duty with self-love as a form of inclination. Kant insists that the moral law demands that we act for the sake of duty and not out of inclination. This must have the effect of subordinating love to the ethical demand to simply respect others.

I suspect there is much more to be held to this kind of interpretation. A respect for oneself is foremeost to anticipation and imitation of others’ actions. Without a certain dignity and pride, how else can we expect to convey our innermost feelings without portrayal of guilt or pretence?

Quite a deep answer, but I really don’t see whadhels it got to do with love.

Let’s talk about football. I enjoy the watching game more when I can play it myself. I can issue some level of apprehension for the keepers’ actions, as if I was in the game myself. Even if this is subconscious, it will still allow a certain tolerance for mistakes. I would not be so quick to blame. While others around me will holler obsceneties until they are blue in the face, I will remain calm and composed. If they ask why, then my answer will be a straight one, with bias towards the goalies point of view.

The same can be said for relationships. Exactly when or where or how love starts is uncertain, all I can tell you is that practice makes perfect.

The way you talk, there must be a lot of dignity and pride in you.

Maybe a little bit too much.

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