Kill Competition

I saw an IPAD. Once again confirmed, there really is no “progress” anymore, just different combinations of the same old crap, over and over again, to give the impression that it is “something new” and “cool” and worthwhile, etc, so everyone buys into it, it is defined as “new and better” from the outset, not from what it actually “does”. The software is the same old PC software that has been perfected over 20 years ago, no real high class UNIX workstation software, the touch is way worse than the “mouse”, but the mouse is “out of style now”, etc.

What it really shows is that what is really important is to create a new arena where corporations can “compete” which means, disperse money and resources and man years and energy simply to waste time, to not produce anything, to just see who is stronger and the winner, etc. Nothing constructive here, nothing accumulative here (all these products are based on being flashy, a lot of gimmicks, a lot of “eye candy”, a lot of “games” (as in fun and games since we no longer have anything serious to do anymore, like building Rockets and Skyscrapers) just like candy to little children, and that is the level of worth).

We need to build Skyscrapers, Cars, Trains and High Speed Trains, BUSES, Houses, Atom power plants, Atom smashers and Particle Accelerators, Rockets, etc. All real things, things you can touch, and we need to substitute the Man Brain with a decent Machine that isn’t looking for fights (as in competition and innovation (change for change’s sake, just to see who wins the next fight, as if people are always enemies and they are all proud of their subjectivity, what pukes, what craps, kill all people!)).

After so many decades of “Innovation” and “Science and Research” and all, what has been achieved is the pukey IPAD, incredible, and Economic Collapses, Poverty, Accumulation of cash in always the same Rich Hands, and all. What an incredibly low “productivity” society, what a trashy civilization, a failed civilization from the outset.

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“Get serious about reorganizing agriculture on a smaller, finer, more local scale. Believe me, there will be plenty of jobs.”

Also, JHK, there won’t be “plenty of work”, by going back to the Stone Age, there will be real Mass poverty and nothing to do just like rural India and China (that is why they prefer the 18th century sweatshop factories and industry instead of the “fruits of the land”).

Idle, Joblessness, Free Time is the real story of this Economic System thanks to the Technological Economy creating Free Wealth all by itself: but instead of using the wealth to build Skyscrapers and colonize the Solar System, we use it to beat each other up as in “competition” and to build pukey IPADS and such.

If it is not new and innovative, do you take your unix operated desktop with you around wherever you go? I have an IPOD and it fits in my pocket (IPOD is a mini IPAD that uses wifi only). Can you do that?

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“Italy has 2000 billions debts but the people have 8000 billions on their bank accounts…”

There is alot that can be said about this, but anyways:

I think the real number (as those 5 major EU countries are similar, UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy) is 500 billion euors in banks (some 10 million families have 50,000 euros of money saved) and the 30 million homes in italy, of assumed value (hugely overpriced and a huge bubble!) of about 150,000 euros could be 4,500 billion euros, hence in all 5,000 billion euros (same for the other EU countries).

But this money is blocked, isn’t going anywhere, can’t be “invested in new jobs” or endeavors, can’t and especially won’t do anything, this money, especially the value of real estate is killing the economies by making it hard to open stores (high rents and costs), hard for young people to rent or buy, etc. This money is not an “asset”, it is actually a “liability”, it is used as a weapon to kill the weak and the economy, it is used to hurt people not to help people, this is because these real estate owners are all old hags, all old Hogs, all useless craps, that want to keep the prices high and in this way killing the future generation.

It would be correct for the real estate prices in all of the EU to go WAY DOWN, REALLY WAY DOWN something like 3 bedrooms houses or apartments should be valued at NO MORE THAN 50,000 EUROS in ROME, PARIS, LONDON, etc.

This won’t happen because the owners suck, simply suck, should be punished by huge property taxes (but aren’t ever going to be because the banks “assets” depend on hugely overpriced “real estate”), the same for the USA and JAPAN.

Kill real estate values, kill owners, kill the myth of property …

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“The Italian state decided NOT to tax houses, and that in my opinion was a good decision.”

On the high density in Italy, UK, EU, this is BS, just build 10 story buildings, but it isn’t even necessary since the population is not growing there anymore and they have a huge amount of empty homes everywhere. By using only 10,000 sq km ( 1 / 30 of the area of Italy or the UK) and ten story buildings, you could easily host 1 billion people in 300 million 100 sq m homes. But the imposed and fake and politically and culturally induced “resource scarcity in homes” is assigned just because, for no real structural reason, just because the stronger powers that be and the majority of property owners and such simply WANT IT LIKE THAT, it is their simple choice against the minority that can’t pay such high prices in rents and mortgages, it is simply their will power, their power against that of the weaker party, nothing else, no reason, just their quirk arbitrary pukey will power that wants that. Well, kill them, that is all that must be done, kill the property owners or tax them hugely, kill them with taxes, thieves and hogs and old hags, hate them with all your guts. Especially London, all pukey 2 story homes, tear them all down and build 10 story buildings cocks, crush them!

Italy is choke full of empty homes on beaches and small towns and all, you wouldn’t believe how many empty homes there are, they should be taxed hugely, they should be taxed at least 1 percent their value a year, so a house that is worth 100,000 euros should pay 1,000 euros a year in tax and such (and anyways even this level of taxation is way lower than a lot of parts of the USA - the “capitalist” country go figure, in New Jersey a 100,000 dollar house may pay 3,000 dollars a year in propery tax). The same for Spain and the UK, the UK should really crush their property values, how I hope they collapse wildly, how I hate that they want so much money for houses in London, kill them, kill the property owners, crush them, burn it all down, pukes, hogs, old hags, egotists!

High Real Estate prices is just egotism, is just a power relationship, the richer - stronger (and often just a little bit stronger) can crush and beat up and force the weaker party to pay what the richer party wants, end of story.

The game of hiking up house prices in London, New York City, Tokyo, Paris and Rome is just the same old fight and competition over and over again, millions of families bought, or where able to buy the houses - apartments - whatever from the 1950s to the 1990s thanks to expanding economies, salaries that got higher, debts, accumulation of capital that is solidified into house prices, etc. and forced everyone to buy since “renting costs just as much as a mortgage”, banks made money by the interests, private renters made money by hiking up rent prices and so on.

But the truth is, there is no justification for high Real Estate costs, it is just a random price assigned by the stronger party to crush and force the weaker to pay more. Hence kill the property owners, crush them, tax them hugely, build millions of houses so as to flood the market (but there is no need since there are 15 million empty homes in the USA and 20 million empty homes in the EU from Lisbon to Moscow), kill high real estate prices.

And these high real estate prices don’t do any good to the economy at all even though all the economists are so happy and say that it is so great that house prices increase ((therefore making it harder for young couples to rent or buy or open or rent stores and such, this is what really drives the economy and makes people buy more furniture and goods since they have houses and such), go figure, what turds and pukes, kill the economists and their bosses, the banks that make billions by robbing money from the poor and hiking up real estate prices and such).

But this shows that “growth” and “redistribution” is not what all the economists and politicians want. They want to hog up as much money as possible just because, to crush the weak, kill them all, kill them all these old hags and old pukes, kill them, and kill house prices, etc.

When the iPad first came out, my cousin and I emailed each other about it. She told me to never buy a first generation, but wait for fixes and improvements. So right now I use a Mac laptop and two e-readers. I do plan to get an iPad someday, though, so I can have three e-readers in one.

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Just hire millions of people to do nothing at all. Just put them in offices, skyscrapers and pretend that they are “doing something”. The real story of this economy is Free Wealth, Free Time, Idle, etc. The real story is There is Nothing Left To Do Since the Technological Economy has reached a Level of Productivity, of Efficiency, of Huge Economies of Scale, of Automation and Optimizations, destined to keep on increasing ever more rapidly, such that any real Work or Labor is simply Not Needed, is Redundant, Not Necessary. So the only way to redistribute the profits and free wealth and gains that the economy generates automatically is to give out Free Salaries (and the corollary Cheap Rents), just give out the money.

Everyone, especially the economists and politicians and all think that there are “structural” reasons why free cash can’t be given out, that there are “productive” reasons, that a simple linearity our mind loves to think is always operating like more work means more production - money, etc. that you can’t “have something for nothing” and such. Well this is FALSE, is no longer operating, is obsolete, technology has completely changed the name of the game, but people in general, everyone just can’t wrap their heads around the idea that you “don’t need to work anymore to live”, that this mechanism is overcome, obsolete, no longer operating, they can’t believe that this linearity is no longer operating, it is just too extreme and radical for most people to think that what we have is essentially a free lunch since Science and Technology have overcome most of (about 80 %) of the productive and work and labor problems humanity has always had.

But especially, since all transfers of money going on today are just arbitrary quirks, are just random decisions some people with more power have to move money from one place to another from one group of persons to another, since this transfer of money is not based on anything objective, structural, productive, no real technical reason, but just the simple random will power and quirks and desires of the powers that be, then hiring millions to redistribute trillions of dollars of money that is going into the same old hands over and over again is completely logically justified: it is just as justified as handing over trillions of dollars of profits to fat old hags, hogs and pigs who have never done an hour’s worth of “real labor” in all of their life (but they always chant about the necessity of the “work ethic”, the “you have to deserve it”, you need super fine and special “skill sets” and all such BS and lies).

People have to overcome the psychological and cultural barrier: we need Free Salaries, Cheap Rents, hire millions to do nothing at all, to just stare out of the windows of skyscrapers, just pretend to work (that which is being done today, but in stealth mode). Of course, since the impact would be too radical, you can invent a lot of fluffy things millions of people can do in the skyscrapers, but the really important thing is you have to give them salaries, the higher the better, the more money the better, the less of any kind of real work they do the higher the salary so they can consume products and buy like crazy, buy a new car every year, new homes, trillions of skyscrapers, trillions of rockets, trillions of everything, superproductivity, superproduction all automatic, Automatic For the People.

But JHK and most people want to go back to the stone age with all of Nature Loving and crap (and helping to keep on stuffing the rich with trillions of dollars that they have no idea how to spend).


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Economy is the measure of exchanges, person A gives person B an item “C” and B gives A an item “D”, but how many possible items C and D can be exchanged in the end ? the system gets saturated, no matter what, economic growth ends naturally, it becomes a steady state system, and then people simply exchange information after all the real goods have all been exchanged and everyone is satisfied, but information is worthless, is fluff, information is an imaginary exchange, is just a place holder, a time killer, is needed to kill all of the Excess Free Time the Technological Economy generates, therefore ever more IPADS and such are needed.

So, no matter what, a saturation point is achieved and no more growth, like JAPAN or Italy or even Germany (almost zero growth from the 1980s until a year ago, oh wow, Germany “grew” some, wow, really big deal, go figure, and then only the USA grew because of huge consumption and malls and all, the puny Germans don’t want to consume like crazy, even the crappy “green party” won, how I hate that, how I hate the Nature lovers!).

But in order to keep on growing and hike up growth you need to force it, give people Free Salaries, Cheap Rents, make up and force new exchanges by building trillions of Skyscrapers, High Speed trains, trillions of Luxury Buses, of 1967 Imperials, Rockets to Mars, trillions of everything, super saturation of all, constant exponentially growing production and consumption and destruction, but especially kill and manipulate Nature like there is no tomorrow, nature is an element of Man Brain repression, must be put in jail and beat up, the Mind over Matter will dominate all, get that old 80 year old hag in hobby factories and force her to put in the pistons in the trillions of 1967 Imperials we need, get that little 3 year old and force her to put the steel bars in the Skyscrapers on Mars, go man, go, people must be punished, repressed, beat them up, lazy craps, get them in those hobby factories, punish them and show them how jobs are not created but forced, hate them with all your guts, robots must dominate, we will dominate, we will win, we won, end of story.


Get those billions of people (but we need trillions of people to build trillions of everything all across the solar system), from all ages from 3 to 100 years old, all those idle, all those with Free Time and create Jailed Time dedicated to the SYMBOL, the MIND OVER MATTER. What is important is to win, and I win against all, I won, I am a winner, I won, everything else in the universe lost (especially all other people and Man Brains all lost) all lost, I am the only winner, I WIN, I WIN, THE APE WINS, TOBOR WINS, I WIN, THE EIGHT MAN WINS, I WIN, TOBOR ATE MAN.

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TOBOR says: beat up the losers, beat them up with fierce hate, the next time you see a weakling, a homeless, a poor, a sick (go in the hospitals and beat them all up), beat them up, hate them, be free with your hate, beat the living daylights out of the losers, make them lose more, this way you win, you can win more by beating up all the losers, finally free to hate and punish and beat up people with no limits anymore, finally free, be free!, make them lose ever more, make everyone a loser and beat them up, hate, hate them all with all your guts, you can do it man, go man go, why did matter do this to me ? why do carbon atoms exists ? kill carbon atoms, kill biology, kill and hate, finally free to hate and kill, nuke, destroy, ever more, go man go, break all the rules, deceive and trick, make up the worst possible, be bad, evil, be the beast, the mark of the beast, be the beast, etc. Why does the ape have the urge to beat up the poor and weak and losers ? because he wins always, only beating up those who are weaker can you win, and you must win, you win, (you can’t beat up those stronger but the easy and morally - spiritually correct thing to do is beat up those weaker, etc.).

We need to modify the world into one huge concrete slab of parkings and trillions of giant cars, kill the world, make it ugly (for the nature lovers, the world is beautiful for me when it is all built up, mind over matter), love bad and ugly, love the devil kill the angels, kill nature. It must be communism - I started out hoping that people would obey the necessity of equality and not be subjective turds, always wanting to win and compete, but they don’t obey, they have their will power, kill their will power, that is why Pol Pot killed millions, Stalin killed millions, Mao killed millions, they were right, man must be destroyed if he isn’t communist, end of story.

Bustin J, so you don’t want to put the pistons in the trillions of 1967 Imperials ? why ? why are you so sick ? are you crazy ? obey and start building those cars and put the steel bars in the thousands of trillions of skyscrapers on the Sun and on the Moon on the Sea and Ocean, the Pacific Ocean all covered with huge constructions, skyscrapers, build and do, finally Man has a goal, a real goal, one that lasts in time… kill sex, hate it, and hate all of those who enjoy anything, kill them, punish all, in punishment mode…

Kill nature, trillions of skyscrapers, how I would like to nuke everything, destroy, how I hope the world ends, it deserves to end…
But it did! I won, I won, all of what I want has been achieved, good, now I am OK, I win, AN APE WINS!