Kill Jews and Atheists … e_facebook

Lol. Awesome.


Nice. I think I’ll stick to Left4Dead.

Do they have fundamentalist programmers…? Aren’t computers the work of satan…?

more of a prophecy i think

care to expound on that incredibly vague statement, incorrect?

This is the game: … nal_Forces

sure, i was reading ILP on the toilet today at work, posted that short message from a phone

first i would say if there was a ‘religious tone’ to the US, it’s christian. i’d say that if the US had to pick one religion as a whole, it’d be christianity… (60-76% of americans according to wiki at the moment)

i think the majority of persons in the united states (the country to which i belong) don’t consider themselves as a threat to others as much as they should… or they don’t care. this idea of ‘muslim extremism’ has made its way through mainstream media many times over, but what about ‘christian extremism’… sure many of us are annoyed by the proselytizing… but it is perhaps not incorrect to state that the ‘war on terror’ is just a war between christians and muslims (i’m aware your post doesn’t directly mention islam). i think if you consider the people pushing the buttons to bomb persons of (name your religion), in the US, they’re christian

i would think that once the world gets to an apocalyptic state of being (we’re gonna nuke eachother to death prolly), i think people will naturally turn to religion… i think people will attempt to maintain and seize power in communities based upon their religion (at least)… ‘oh no he’s Jewish? his loyalty naturally lies in Isreal, who for whatever reason nuked someone that gives us oil, gotta convert or kill em’… ‘oh no he’s atheist? it’s the lack of good morals and religion that atheists have that got us into this mess, they don’t identify with our values, gotta convert kill em’…

i think these scenarios are likely (in the event of mass hysteria/deaths/apocalyptic scenarios)…

and i think that at some point in the future… it’s bound to happen

I agree and when you think that it will probably be in the name of Jesus, you really start to ask what form does evil really take on and what personae does it use today. Then you start asking yourself, what could be the reason for the islamist extremist statement about satan abiding in the USA. Things start turning on their head (or is it on the feet?) and people standing by (like yourself?) start asking, “Hey, what have I got to do with the animosity which drives wars and terrorism? Why am I lumped together with this crazy crowd?”

That is what the verbal attacks of atheists like Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris on Christianity are all about in my view.

Take Care

It’s especially funny given how Jesus made even more strict the commandment against killing. Just another Jew to kill for them I guess.