Yes. The Ancient Greek philosophers said: “be moderate”.

Here are some examples of modern Occidental imperatives like Kant’s categorical imperative and other’s imperatives:
(1) “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law without contradiction.”
(2) “Be revolutionary.”
(3) “Trust in the absolute spirit and the dialectic processes.”
(4) “Relinquish.”
(5) “Be yourself.”
(6) “Persevere.”
(7) “Be autarkic as much as you can.”
(8) “Take care of you, your relatives and dependants, your surrounding and ecolgical environment.”
(9) “Participate in the discourse.”
(10) “Take care of your foam, because you live in it.”

Modern imperatives of ILP members:
(A) “Do unto yourself and others as you’d do unto yourself if you were them.”
(B) “The important thing is KINDNESS.”