Knives Philosophy on plant migration-(Trigun)

Should humans be In space?

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What gives us the right to Decided the fate of the world? We have bombs that can destroy this planet and Poisons that can destroy Life. If We do end up destroying this planet then Do we have the right to move on to a pure planet? Is the human race really so suspire that it has the right to conquer the universe?

What are you rambling about? Earth is our native planet. It’s not like we “came here” and started destroying it. We are not even destroying it. You take mother nature for some powerless wench. At best, we will alter the ecosystem of this planet to the point in which it is no longer hospitable to our survival. The planet will live though. There is nothing wrong with the planet. There is just something wrong with us.

We are the world, we’re all products of it. Even if you believed in some outlandish theory that said we were not biological products of the world, we are products of it because it is our environment. It is part of our development in an evolutionary sense and in the development of the individual therefore we are the world. We can destroy it if we like.

newworldking, is ‘Trigun’ at the end of the subject a reference to the Japanese Anime of the same name?

Yeah, and throw away all our learning, philosophy, rational thoughts, etc. Earth created us, therefore we can destroy it if we like. I find this logic scary— like the idea I once heard that if we could clone humans and chimps to make a new kind of species half human half chimp, we could use IT for some purposes like slavery or owned workers, and therefore we should do it. There are things we COULD do and no one could stop us, but the idea is to think it through and see if it could make us MORE than human, that is a thinking human capable of empathy and logic.

Seems more like the old-Indian concept of matter - the triguna prakriti, material nature composed of the three fundamental strings called also gunas. :slight_smile:

The point was that we are the world, so we have the right to destroy ourselves. It’s mysticism, but the question - what right do we have to decide the fate of the world? - deserved a mystic answer. :wink: