knowing god

How do you get to know god?

Life, at first glance, is a very confusing soup of right and wrong.
With all the evil in the world, and little sign of intervention, i would like to know god’s thoughts.

Is that so wrong, to get to know what the envisioned divine creator is thinking?

You could begin with reading one or all of [his] books. Maybe you could start with the Vedas, followed by the Bible and then the Koran.

Unfortunately, all three have very different “voices.” It makes you ask the question, if this is one god, doesn’t that make him a schizo?

If you seriously want to know God…realize that you already have the creator inside of you…the very breath you breathe is God…God is the all invisible substance of life…maybe it’s from my perspective only, but in every single one of those books, it tells you that God is larger than life… That the creator cannot be contained in anything or any mind or any one person…Fully!..therefore look to what’s not there to see God… Space, time, gravity at any point in reality cannot be contained… Those are a few of the invisible things which nobody can put a sure finger on…

You can’t know how God thinks, because my creator does not think… different from all the versions you may hear of God…but in every single one of those books you have the constant which states that God just IS… If God is, how can my creator have any emotional attachment…any thoughts…or any other human attribute (gender, name, race, creed)…?? The creator can never be contained, not in a word or anything physical… God IS thought…God IS love…God IS everything that you don’t get, Understand that God is in you and you’ll understand all you want to know… Look for your own reality of God…don’t take my words for it, look for yourself, depending on anything else will only get you thinking like everybody else…I’m just showing you my thoughts on what my creator is like…it’s the simplest way I can relate to Gods infinity…:slight_smile:

You can’t. The best I think you can do is know something of God. The beauty of a sunset, the love you feel for your spouse or child, perhaps. The experiences of life, the richness of it all. There’s a line in the stage production of Les Miserables that I like: “To love another person is to see the face of God.”

I can say this, having a visit from god is just a instinct he visited you. And Sagesound made a good point, all the stuff Jesus said like “lifting mountains” is something a schizo would say.

Hi M,
I get to know God thru Love since God is Love.

But before I can know God, I ahve to know myself.
And to get to know me, I also first have to love me.

How do i get to love me?
By loving me as all words and their opposites.

So let’s say that the opposite of God is Man:

As I love me as man and as God, I get to love God as God and me.

The more words i lvoe me as, the more words I love God as.
And the more words I lvoe me as, the more words I get to understand me as and understand God as.
So when I love me as all words, i get to understnad both me and God all the way. NB: the meanings of words are just other words!

And, as an adult already, i will start realising that all the words i already hate me as are the exact words i also hate God as, which hate bars me and blocks me from understanding myself and God, not to mention other humans.

For example, to understand life and know and understand what God is thinking, you have to first love you as right and wrong, as good and bad/evil, as known and unknown, as thoughtful and thoughtless, etc and etc.

You have the right attitude already: " i would like to know god’s thoughts."

“Is that so wrong, …”?: No, that is all right. The only wrong in wanting to know is if you hated yourself as not knowing, as not being in the know, as being ignorant. see? U can want to not be ignorant, but you can’t hate being ignorant. see the difference? In fact, hear the diff? Why? If you hate being ignorant, why shd I lvoe you when you are ignorant…to me, and how can you lvoe me when i am ignorant, like right now when I don;t know who youa re! see? You already love what you don;t wnat when you say: Thanx but no thanx! see? So there is NO reaqson to hate what we don’t want NOR to hate oursleves when we don’t know or have something! That’s the mistake we were taught to believe that then shut down 90% of our brain-power usage and stopped us from knowing oursleves and others and God.

hope that inspires u to first lvoe you all the way!smile

lvoe and r,