KONY 2012

Holy crap dudes, McLuhan is spinning up a storm in Nirvana, and there’s nary a whisper of this on ILP. WTF??



The critical perspectives are a-flyin’… what u think?

Here’s some critical perspectives:



Here’s Invisible Children’s response:


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Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t heard about this yet.

I would have to think that Invisible Children isn’t a giant scam to make a bunch of money for a few people without any real intention of stopping a war criminal. That just seems really over the top. As for the questionable wisdom of arming various unstable factions in foreign countries…that’s a good point. But that’s no reason for ignoring or dismissing the issue - it’s a reason for learning more about it and discussing it with others! If the basic message in the KONY 2012 video is genuine, and it’s true that Kony has committed even half of what the video charges, then I’d be willing to help Invisible Children by spreading the word and perhaps by donating a few bucks. Doesn’t seem that difficult to me.

Oh and I liked hearing Trent Reznor’s work at the opening and closing of the video: youtube.com/watch?v=T6R8GCX_wSs

Here is a superb article on the actual facts regarding Kony and the children. It includes info from reporters on the ground and from those with real knowledge.

guardian.co.uk/politics/real … -the-story

Getting the facts right is most important for the international media. That would help the situation as it is.

All I know is that before KONY 2012 the issue wasn’t even on my radar. Now everyone is paying more attention to Uganda and more reports are coming out.

Invisible Children has an agenda, but more importantly has a plan of action. It’s not enough to find flaws in IC’s plans or agenda; one must either propose an alternative way of dealing with the issue or admit apathy.

Not to minimize the depravity of Joseph Kony and the whole Lord’s Resistance Army issue, but… if the Invisible Children organization is even remotely successful in this venture, they will have proven to have created (and subsequently be found to still be weilding) a media-bazooka of unprecidented power. Who might they aim it at next? And is it a reproduceable commodity?

This whole approach to addressing questions of social justice (and who knows what else) may well be a fundamental game changer, imho. Sure, it might just as well fizzle out, and time will tell, but I can tell you that as a public school teacher, these dudes are totally rocking the student population (and from what I understand, many other demographic sectors, too).

On a related note, the top ranking officers of Invisible Children make less than I do (albeit I’m a teacher in a polity tat pays us relatively well)… May Invisible Children become gloriously wealthy!

And on a sadly humerous note:

rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2011/ … christians

Alex Jones breaks this down pretty well.

[Another Ugandan Says Kony 2012 Is Bullsh*t!?]



Check out what Ugandans think of this video:


Kony guy caught masturbating in public.


Just watched it for the first time. God, that video was beautifully edited. I’m learning film editing and design right now, and JESUS CHRIST this was so well made.

It’s just too bad it was made for such bullshit. :frowning:

The video was an exercise in narcissism. Idk if you guys got that vibe, but the vid was half him talking about how cool he is for doing what he’s doing.
Also, there seems to be a growing anti-anti-Kony going on. Lots of people are stepping up and saying that this vid is bullshit, that that self-righteous prick has no clue what he’s talking about, etc.
I also read some about it here: takimag.com/article/touching_you … z1pW71eNLd

I think and hope this is just gonna be a passing fad. It will of course soon be replaced by another bullshit purpose for well-off suburban middle-class left-leaning hipster white kids to get involved in. We’ll see.

Well, this certainly continues to be a conundrum of contentions. I won’t bother trying to defend this organization against falacious (and phallusious :wink: ) charges, etc., but would simply repose my previous thought as follows:

Invisible Children was hoping for a viewing of 500,000 on YouTube. Clearly, as with many other things, they severely underestimated the power of the media bazooka that they launched. The April 20th poster campaign has yet to demonstrate its effect, though it would seem hard to avoid anti-climax given the breadth of coverage already achieved. In any case, there seems to be potential for a differentorder of social activist venue opened by this phenomenon. This particular instance may well be populated largely by 8th grade girls, but man, those chicks are viscious and not to be underestimated. Is this a media tool that we will be seeing more of, or is it just a one-off…?

This is a good article.

aljazeera.com/indepth/opinio … 01364.html

The LRA really are getting back to the fundamentals of religion. Wiping out anyone who doesn’t agree with you and then blaming it on God. Bless them. :slight_smile:


I think this can be put to rest.

Oh, he’s one of those guys…those gay guys who pretends to be straight…That’s clear to me after watching that video. A lot of men are living that life, I think. I kinda got the gay vibe from him just in Kony 2012, but I wasn’t sure until seeing that. Yes, I know he was “dehydrated” and not in his right mind, but I do think that the fact that he acted ultra-gay in that state has to at least be minor evidence that he truly is gay. I mean, when I get dehydrated I don’t wag my head like a black girl and say “OH MY GOD NO YOU DIDN’T!” and I don’t think most straight men would…

That topic deserves a whole thread of its’ own – the topic of gay men living a heterosexual life, having children and a wife, etc, lying to everybody they know, and themselves even more, for their whole lives.

^^…and a Christian Capitalist to boot:

“Most people view us as a non-profit, as a charity. We view ourselves as a business, as a company. […] The point is, we can have fun while we end genocide. It’s an adventure. There are so many obstacles and challenges, but we’re going to have a blast doing it because we feel that God calls us to be joyful in the work that we’re doing no matter what we’re doing.”

Nevertheless, for better or worse, and with all due respect apaosha, me thinks this story ain’t over yet…

One thing the thread has shown me, at least, is that Africa is still a ‘dark continent’–About the only way the rest of the world knows anything about Africa is through charitable appeals to relieve the suffering of African people due to drought and/or warfare. All of these appeals focus on children

I disagree that the focus of Kony 1012 is to get the US Government militarily involved in Uganda; I do believe it’s an attempt to focus the free world’s attention on the real problems in politics and corruption within the countries of the largest continent in the world.

I disagree. Last year the major African story was NATO waging a war in Libya, and there wasn’t much in the press about the suffering being inflicted on Libyan children. Most of it was imperialistic tubthumping and chest-beating.

Nonetheless, most people do see Africa as a ‘dark continent’ - a place with too many brown people, ridden by poverty and warfare that is, of course, entirely a product of local corruption and tribal conflict, rather than the genocidal imperialism inflicted on it for centuries…