KTS clean up thread.

MechanicalMonster is Satyr

If necessary I’ll help confirm this and I’ll do the same for future accounts.

Edit: The above was the original OP. I didn’t want to make a new thread, so I changed the name of this one; I don’t like this topic and don’t wish to spread the conversation into other threads. This is where people who are interested, may post indications of banned KTS members “sockpuppeting” on this forum, so that people may save themselves the time of associating with them.

Sometimes you say things that are very insightful. And other times you say things like your title, that are utterly and completely contemptible.

What the hell are you talking about? What in god’s name is my title? I don’t recall ever avoiding a conversation with you, so if you have something you wish to discuss then tell me, don’t hold back.

MechanicalMonster is almost certainly not Satyr.

Nah, Satyr is too much of a blowhard compared to MM.

I don’t see the same pattern in both user’s posts.

Early October:

knowthyself.forumotion.net/t1212 … ures#23137

Early October:


Antinatalism from early October:

knowthyself.forumotion.net/t1236 … lism#23052

George Carlin

knowthyself.forumotion.net/t277- … edy-corner

Two people who like soup and George Carlin?!

I would not be surprised if MM came from KTS, but he doesn’t seem to write like Satyr.

For example, MM starts a thread titled “This place is worthless” with the post “Yeah, that pretty much says it. Philosophically speaking.”

:-k Not Satyr style.

No on bothered to evaluate all of the evidence I provided and how it’s substantial, not only due to converging interests but timing. That was only some of the small indicators and I didn’t waste my time with the evidence that makes it more conclusive that MechanicalMonster is the same person/people associated with the various “Satyr” accounts over the years; through a comparison of the philosophical content and writing style. I’m qualified to do so having spent the last several months reading hundreds of pages of his/their writings. But, that service has not been requested, so I digress from speaking about “MM”.

I’ll leave this thread until the next time I notice a banned KTS member on this forum.

You’re full of shit, Stuart; I’ve been reading Satyr on and off since 2001. MM’s writing style is nothing like his, though he just might have changed it on purpose (hence my “almost certainly”); but then why would he “give himself away” by suddenly talking about soup as both characters? That, by the way, was the only similarity between the two recipes you linked to; between the two posts re antinatalism, there were no similarities. But yes, I agree with phyllo that MM may well have come from KTS.

I looked at your links and found them unconvincing. I looked at MM’s posts and some of Satyr’s. The example I posted shows a distinct style:

“This place is worthless” - Satyr tends to attack people ( sheeple and the herd) rather than the place where they gather

“philosophically speaking” - Satyr tends to speak without making a distinction between a philosophy mode and a non-philosophy mode

“yeah” - If you search for this word in Satyr’s posts (and that of his sockpuppets), it is extremely rarely used. Usually it seems to be used by his proxies.

Therefore I conclude that MM is not Satyr.

I realize that you have read more of Satyr’s posts than I have and you may be seeing a trend which I am missing.

I could write a couple pages arguing this, but due to the lack of interest of most of those who were on ilp in the last day and a half, the time has passed.

I could make the argument for purely academic reasons, but it really isn’t that interesting. It’s just as much about an inept persona as it is about comparing the philosophical statements of the two accounts.

“Wagner could still do many things: but he does not want to,—out of rigorousness in principle.” (Nietzsche, The Case of Wagner, section 10.)

Should these above posts not be deleted, I’ll mention that Apaosha and his co-moderator of kts, banned me arbitrarily, which is why I see no use in further conversation with them. That act mostly negates any insult they should give to me; it’s difficult to take offense at those who made it clear that they could no longer tolerate my relatively polite challenges of their positions and methods. The only problem is that others don’t necessarily know what type of person Apaosha is and may see my lack of direct response as demeaning on my part. Which is the only reason I bother even respond at all.

Edit: the above posts I was referring to were deleted.

We have one guy habitually re-registering new sockpuppets every so often. Those sockpuppets are the only members we ban/delete.

We try to leave the guy 1 account at a time. We don’t ban anyone.

Tell me your username on KTS and I’ll sort you out.

Don’t you girls have a 12 page gossip thread about ILP?

Yes… we have one thread. I feel insecure about it because it’s just nothing to the half-dozen new threads you guys always have going.

Sometimes we talk about other forums and other people too. Crazy, I know.

I have no need to respond to Apaosha’s last comment addressed to me. His last comment to Phyllo was a half truth at best.

Edit: I regret that last sentence, it was only perpetuating the off-topic debate. I suggest others report offensive posts by Apaosha, rather than return them.

Ahh, don’t feel insecure…quality of gossip is so much more important than quantity. :smiley:

I’m perfectly willing to let you on my forum, guy.

So what does a quantity of sub-par gossip imply, if that is what you are suggesting you do here?