Lack of virtues

Or lack of morals. Nothing depicts better a lack of morals than rebellion. Morals are when we do something out of pleasure, like, demonstrating our strength, something much more than physical fitness, something that we are not expecting to be payed for. This is the right way to live, by organizing the people around us in a society. We are obliged to organize a family, if we want to live at all, and then why not even larger societies, like corporations?
Now, on the other side the contrarians, opposition, and rebels have nothing else to do than to disturb those virtuous people around them. They are parasites and their entire existence is an expectation to be payed for something. Exactly that which Jesus was against… and exactly what his pupils have secretly desired, that god will do the payment for them.

Numerous scholars which know what decadence is know that rebellion is a sign that a society is dying, that it consists out of a bunch of selfish egoists. Sexuality is forcing them to make short-lasting compromises, but hatred is pushing everybody away. Of course, beautiful people are always virtuous and always under the control of a virtue.

So, what was Kim Kardashian’s Virtue?

This is a satire, right?

You mean like when black people and women rebelled for their rights?

Have you not seen her ass?

It’s not her ass until she finishes paying off the plastic surgeon. In fact, very little of her is actually bona fide original. In Cezar’s world, virtue is saline in a bag and botox injections.

Why would anybody need rights from someone who doesn’t even want to live with them?

And why those rebels never have a perspective about their own future?

We know that socialism is a racial and sexist uprising against the different races and opposed gender. At least Nietzsche wrote a lot about it. I wonder how the rebels never take Nietzsche under attack but try even to adopt him? He never said a single positive word about the rebels, neither he nor any other philosopher.

Do you feel like a real woman when he takes you as you are?

Not true, Nietzsche in My Sister and I ended his concerns with the socialist movements as still ultimately being within his theory, as they were still ultimately in the end lead by the strong, and the strong would triumph.

You should preach less and read more.

For example, an excess of vice is there when someone claims that truth is godly (and untouchable for humans - priestly ideal) while “truth is superhumanly” (and humans can reach it) is perhaps the highest virtue. At least Nietzsche saw life in truthfulness as “the purest”.

Good point. I’ll try again. Virtue for me is something on a person that makes me happy. Kim Kardashian’s ass makes me happy. Kim Kardashian’s ass is a virtue.


I feel/felt like a real woman before he took me as I am. The above has more to do with him being or not being a real man than a woman feeling like a real woman or “real”.

You see it, and it brings you pleasure… this can be as much vice as virtue.

The Greater Good isn’t a Monistic totality, but rather a complex nebulous formation of mutually supporting goods overriding frictive vice, point by point, experience by experience, lifestyle by lifestyle, means to a end by means to a end in a society.

Kim Kardashian’s Ass was sculpted to gain a erotic reaction via exotic features. Despite her ancestry, asses dont look like that in Armenia.

Your attraction to her ass wont make better sandbag walls to push back a flood, wont build a better supported building, wont seek a cure to cancer, wont push the philosopher to examine a deeper aspect of a founding paradox in thought.

Her ass is over represented is a increasingly distracted and weak community.

The synthetic aesthetic in sexuality is oftentimes stronger than the local appeal. This is for good reason… the foreign brings different genes perhaps capable of breaking the local mold. Features, accents, and customs can be appealing.

Our sense of attraction has a very limited philosophical range, and repetitive abstraction by male fantasy of women can make us addicted to whatever abstraction attributed to features. Nietzsche for example was attracted to elite yet morally loose women, making his a cuckold, the only sexual relief he found earned him syphilis. That is a vice, not a virtue.Every major Nietzschean since has contracted a STD.

This very minor effect has hugh effects across history and society. A simple glance effecting a emotive response in a influential male can run unpredictable havoc.

Its better to study society, its current needs and historic pitfalls, and celebrate the sexual features in the best and most virtuous of women. I reject the Nordic synthesis of eradicating sexuality of men and promoting a culture of lesbian dominance, as well as the increasing tide of pure pornographic fetish specialization in the west, the emphasis of filial piety in a china that clearly isnt filial, or of brute abasement of women in Africa leading to massive STD explosions.

The man has the capacity to change his conditioned response to sexuality by a degree at least, and women to set the vogue. It needs to shift to fetishizing what is best and REAL in women. I dont mean a fatass banker female who reads Foucault and thinks she is best, but the actual good women that sustains and uplift a civilization.

Kim Kardashian is a fucking worthless slut and pure distraction, whoring her ass out to the highest bidder, be it man or media. Her men are worthless men, incapable of good acts that help anyone save the banal. A society built around the banal is a fucked society, easy to knock off.

Contra-Nietzsche I agree with you, I was just playing devil’s advocate. I don’t even like her ass, I think it’s meh. It’s just that the only good thing I ever heard about her was about her ass…

They do want to live with them, they just want to subordinate them.

Who says that they don’t?

It is the Nietzscheans who sing sweet the suicidal and absurd,
Trinitarians cherhing Grief, Parasites, and Death as a Royal Road,
Beyond Good and Evil, a Spartan wall of venereal disease.


But, would you date her if she asked?

Only if she paid me… it’s not a factor of getting hard, but putting up with the tabloids. I could easily buy enough farm equipment and bricks and mortar to modernize a sizeable section of Uganda, or buy a shit load of Dr worming pills to saturate Liberia with…

As a Cynic, it’s not money I am against, but the dependence and attachment to money that overcomes and overwhelms perspective and long term attitudes and behaviors. However, if used correctly, it can do a lot of good and do wonders that are by any other name always positive in context.

So yeah, if taking it up the butt by a AIDS infected elephant somehow called off a alien armada from destroying all life on earth, I would do so… but that is a extreme measure. Kim lies in between… she’s not hard to look at, but being with her would really piss me off given the attention by worthless people, not to mention listening to her philosophise on worthless matters. It would have to have a bar of compensation to match that would make me want to go along with it.

Short of impregnation, no sterile piece of ass is worth the compulsive grasp to relationship. She may be beautiful, but if you know for certainty offspring won’t result even down the road, it’s just a useless distraction and a time and money drain. In the old days, a girl got knocked up by accident would likely have a baby. Nowadays, they will just murder the accidental offspring… your offspring. What’s the ducking point of fucking such women?

I won’t touch a woman unless I think she is caring and someone I could spend 18 years at the very least associating with, even if it’s just child support and joint custody child swaps for weekends… some nitwit murdered good a makeup and abortions isn’t my cup of tea. I also expect a certain level of intelligence. Kim Kardashian doesn’t appear to have that.


Don’t you think that the below is going far beyond the “cynic” in you --considering the fact that you would date someone who you regard in this way… #-o

…what does it tell you about yourself? Were you date her, even if only because she paid you, you’d be including yourself within the same category (your words) ~~ as the so-called worthless men, incapable of good acts ~~ which you spoke of above. Or were you being facetious? And I’m not so sure that If she in fact did ask you out, you wouldn’t go. :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes virtue only lasts as long as we have nothing left to give up.

Then we’re cousins as I am a skeptic.

There are a great many things, besides money, which do the above, wouldn’t you agree, C-N? How sure can you be that if you came into such a great deal of money you wouldn’t change and you wouldn’t be so attached to it or afraid of losing it?
But I can intuit that you would use some of it for good.

Yes, I agree with you here. Do you know for a fact that she doesn’t spend some of her money for good, et cetera.?
Do you spend some of your money for the good, C-N even it makes you like the poor widow in the NT parable?

Ah yes, so virtuous but try putting your money where your mouth is. I am not so sure that you would be that virtuous, that noble, to save humanity in such a way. That WOULD be an extreme measure. Would you be capable of that noble a sacrifice? :laughing:

So if you went on this date that she had to pay for, what would you do? Would you take the time to get to know her, to find out how and why she’s come to the place which she has. I don’t bother with such things so I really do not know anything about her but people are very biased against her - this I know. Sometimes we put others down in order to raise ourselves up. It’s human I guess.
After all, you’re a philosopher and i would think that you would want to search out the “real” truth of her, not just the surface nonsense. Do you think that you would be capable of detaching from the negative and getting to know her let’s say as a tabula rasa, at least insofar as how YOU view Her? Perhaps at the end of the date, you might even return her money to her.

Why would you get upset? After all, she is paying you to put up with her. Or would it simply be out of jealousy, that she would also have to pay attention to them when she ought to be paying attention to you - wholeheartedly. :evilfun:


Yet many men, perhaps of a certain caliber, have engaged in and entertained themselves this way down through the ages. So who is using whom? And You would do it for pay - the very same thing that men have accused women of and labeled them for doing. Women do the same thing too.

Well, THERE I am certainly with you. Men have suffered because of that…unfortunately I suppose because possession seems to be 9/10 of the law. Don’t forget to use your condom or to make sure she’s not lying. It’s being responsible, especially toward an unborn child. People seem to think that there is no pain involved to a fetus (so cold) to an unborn child being aborted. Even the little prick for a cholesterol test is very painful to some - can you even imagine…
Aside from that, at this point in human evolution, it isn’t necessarily about procreating - we’ve evolved into wanting to have fun…the girl, the guy, just wants to have fun. But at what cost?

Have you ever been wrong in your thinking? 18 years of at least associating with…a weekend daddy huh?
Define “associating with” here?

Well then, you better make sure she pays you enough. But are you sure she doesn’t?


It just dawned on me that despite the fact that you are a cynic you would also appear to be an idealist. But maybe those two thoughts/experiences whatever don’t have to necessarily flow in different waters.

Looks like the moderns have found “The Happiness”! It brims over everywhere from “psychologists”!

They say 1/3 instinct, 1/3 feeling and 1/3 reason is the healthy self-valuing measure. Who uses reason more than other parts, he is cold, who uses feelings more he lives dangerously, and instincts … I’ve forgotten it. “People may have a different rank, but they have an equal value”. But who created this equal value? Does that not mean an unequal value can not be created? Then there must be an absolute creator who made it and is forbidding the change…

Is not the average type determining here himself as the measure, as the norm?

If Kim is paying for the date, I guess I gotta due what she expects. I dont think a night after book shopping, sitting in a cafe, small playhouse theater, then walking down railroad tracks along a moonlite night by a sea is her ideal date… she would probably just drag my ass to some stupid party with cameras flashing, and fight my urge to do a wallflower impression while lady gaga tells me about her one night stand in Karachi with a quadpalegic midget hermaphrodite. Kim would probably just always be posing for more pics, dragging my head into pics… and somehow I would get high as hell without even knowing it, and would finish the night running butt ass naked down a highway in the opposite direction of traffic trying to warn the president about something… but I would do this all for the little kids in Liberia needing dewormed… yes, I would.

Would I try to get to know her on a deeper level you ask? I have already know, being a Cynic. One just doesnt choose to be a Cynic, its not just a point of view or held precepts, its a long and twisting process, where you cross over yourself and others over and over again in different settings, ultimately the same settings. At first, the distant holds a alien promise of a unspecified self discovery… but as time goes by, city scapes change, the lines of highways blur… you find yourself stairing out of these same windows out on the lighted city below… seeing a city and yourself in the reflection, half transparent. Always there… walking in the snow under the same light under the same lamp post, snow falling… seeing your breath, hearing the same street musician match your moment… an encroaching sorrow of the heart… alienated not by man but the elemental aesthetics that produce endlesrendlessrunabouts in life and culture. Trapped in the dream of ten thousand artists trying to self affirm and save the world. What has become of the man? The man floats in the still waters of a morning pool, stairing at the useless luxury in plaster crennalations above… flashbacks to other people, other places where such things, such very simple things are a luxury.

Every midnight wind leaves a gusty impression of another reality. Kiss the one you thought you passionately once loved,who you know doesnt love you. A instant later, memory snuffs all time and distance. Yet another city. Some thousand dollar jacket, a library, a cafe, another set of flirtatious eyes.

Kim gets that same rotten sight I got everytime I looked out the window, seeing myself. I was half transparent, she doesnt even get that much reality. Its all fake. She knows it. I know it, because so many places I have traveled, even the hard to find impossible places, she leaves a trail of Polaroid photos of her posing in shops. Ive seen ten so far across the country. Usually travel shops, or used clothing stores (yep, strangely enough Nicholas Cage too, with his mom (I think its his mom)).

Fact is, I know that deeper aspect of kim already. I know the many positive and negative directions it can branch out. I also know the best a person can become from it… the very best. The redeption of the heart, and longings of the soul realized, when every star twinkles, and every rain is a delight. Its a hard struggle out of that labyrinth to

but nietzche, this implies an overabundance not a lack, none the less, brilliant.