language used for mind control and reality construction

What do you think of colin leslie dean idea that feminisim and queer theory are a theories of propaganda and mind control and self image creation. That they are no more than ideologies trying to manufacture identites based upon insights from mysticism. Dean argues that feminism has taken up a postsructualist view of language ie language does not relect reality but in fact contsructs it . Language being relational words only have meaning interms of other words and not reality. Dean shows how these ideas are mirrored in budhism but where budhism seeks to use these insight to liberate one from reality and deconstruct the ego or self image feminism et al use them for mind control and ideological propaganda to create feminist et al images/egos and views about reality- a sort of newspeak as seen in 1984 where language is used to construct reality A book that show that this is so is called

Prologomenon to the study of the mystical elements in … femiminsim and queer theory … rolog2.pdf

This use of language for mind control and reality construction is allso used - and the aware can see it- to control thought and construct reality by politicians and adverstiser. Dean at least shows you the theories upon which these linguistic manipulators mind controllers draw their theoretical food

But for those who are interested the attempt in 1984 via newspeack to construct reality and the feminist et al attempts to construct egos/images has been proven to be a futile excersise in mind control by dean in his book contentless thought; A case study in the madhyamika demonstrations of the meaninglessness of all views … ought.pdf- This is because as dean shows thought is pre-language -so humans will always have a small amount of independent thought to rebel against the linguistic programing of mind controlers- some will like winston in 1984 excape the language net

I agree. This can be clearly illustrated in educational indocrination or propaganda devices.

what do you think politically correct language is but censorship to control the masses?