Last One For Tonight, Thankyou

My gratitude to those of you who have replied. I thought a few would, that’s why I had to p.m. some of you. Deep gratitude to those of you who have replied without being asked.

I’m probabaly not a man who you think would have some of those loneliness causing problems; nor I’m one of those who have no idea what does he/she wants from life. I use to be all of that though, but philosophy has dragged me out of those, say, innocent confusions or mistakes.

However, I’m not saying that I’m a happy man now. That’s why I’m still doubtfully asking around the forums over the net. So I guess my biggest ever problem still remains to be:

I hate the fact that I see the human society as a thing, to which you have to offer exact what its constitients desire, in order to get out what you want exactlly.

I just wish next morning when I weak up, to be just like a normal person: getting out of bed with a perfectly natural and trouble-free face.

Doesn’t anyone give anymore these days?

Human society tries to make you how it wants you.

Some are ok with this and follow its wishes and thats fine. Some aren’t ok with this and follow its wishes and feel used and thats not fine. And some aren’t ok with this and try and change things, at least for themselves, and sometimes for other people. And thats ok, but very difficult. Perhaps those are the people you are looking for? They can change things for better or worse, but really its all the same thing - nature following its cause. What really matters is what you enjoy and whether you are brave enough to go find it. As long as its ok with other people. I think the greatest good is to give - whether or not other people give back. Take what you will, but not so that other people lose out.

They say that there is no such thing as a free lunch. I say there is. But society tries to make it so you can’t find it. I try to see life for what it is, not what I’m told it is. And I take what I want and appreciate it and I try and make it so that what I take, others benefit from it too - which is deeply satisfying in ways that you can’t get from just being greedy. It brings you peace. Perhaps this is what you seek?

But then, who am I to give advice. I’m not just saying that to be modest. Free yourself if you feel the need and you are free to make your own impact however you see fit. Just make sure its a nice one - for my sake if not for everyone else’s :wink: I’m such a preacher… sorry, but I think what I say is of worth…

You should stop caring so much about what others think of you. That will solve most problems. It’s not easy though, I grant you.