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So, what psychological motivation is pushing people in black magic to make the target of the curse as identifiable as possible? We see this with life like voodoo dolls.

Assumedly the more accurate the representation the more accurate the curse or spell will be. We may note that on roman era mummies the paintings are very accurate, some look like more recent oil paintings [in terms of accuracy]. As I see it there has always been a need to represent the earthly presence in the spiritual world, as if to keep it alive.

Its as if one is making an imprint upon the very fabric of the ethers, then as that connects universally it would be as if one connected to the otherworldly or in this case the earthly form as being represented.
Same thing with ‘voodoo’ dolls, but they derive from European witchcraft and were originally for healing [not sure if I believe that].

We wouldn’t think it strange that we can talk over distance from mobile phones, and I think this is similar in the ancient mind [kinda].


So in an environment where people are biting at the bit for anything at all to give them more influence over other people, you ask on a public forum, how black magic actually works?

The best information that you are going to get is misinformation, because those who know, don’t tell (as with all magic).

I for one am a rule breaker, and besides I use a representative language. Magic isn’t secret, it just cannot be spoken of in exacting terms as its to fluid.

I’m not aking how black magic works. I’m not some atheistic fool who will make 400 threads in the religious section asking why black magic doesn’t work if I don’t personally accept it works, not making this thread to mock it or convert magicians or prevent the art, etc.

I am asking the cognitive process of why it matters, using the voodoo dolls as a parallel system with emphasis on mimesis. Why is this so important psychologically, and do we see it in other aspects of life where it’s that important. Like State ID put emphasis, but it’s usually not to fuck someone over… though a DMV search by the cops can do just that. What is the root of this phenomena, and what 'Why’s can be attached to it from our understanding of the ‘How’.

That’s simply not true.

Much of magic is explained, but done so in such a way that if you have a poor attitude, you will read yourself out of it. Many occultists open up their books with absurdities or weird things that only point to the truth if you aren’t reading the book with a huge grin like jackass with ‘’ open on your computer.

For instance, one of the most central books to Crowley’s system was the ‘Secrets of the Abrahim the Magician,’ this super old, incredibly obscure occult book that describes a ritual that takes anywhere from 3 months to a year to accomplish, and basically involves binding all the demons (let us say here psychological constructs that ‘live’ in a manner of speaking in an accumulative cultural thought Sheldrakian morphogenic field way) such that you gain control over the self and the collective mind—but then after the ritual it describes in great detail all these seemingly banal things like ‘Yeah you’ll be able to make your neighbor’s wife sleep with you’ and other superpowerish cartoony depictions. Scholars like Regardie wonder about the 3rd part—why does it describes all that stuff? I think it’s there to act as a guard/deterrent. If you even take that stuff seriously (you would probably get those powers but wouldn’t feel the need to use them) you won’t succeed in the ritual.

That’s why adepts are called adepts. It takes a certain dexterity to pursue the path of the magician.

There is this other Crowley book where it talks about Jewish people and he says something truly insane about ritual sacrifice and sort of connects it to Jews. At first I was confused, but eventually figured it out with the help of, as I mentioned before, Israel Regardie, and it’s another instance of what I’m talking about here. Purposeful distortion, but the truth is there if you are looking carefully and not skimming through quickly as I was in that instance. I don’t even practice magic and I think I have it figured it out well enough. It’s a system of nmenonic triggers. Crowley even says, verbatim that: ‘Yeah it’s just a system of nmenonic triggers.’ And every magician I’ve met who wasn’t a choas magician, used a hermetic system that related back to the Qabbalah, which is just a small slice of the sacred geometry known as the flower of life, which is demonstrably a 2D representation of the entirety of our holographic reality here.

I really wish everyone in society knew that, and we lived in a hyper-accelerated psychic environment where reality manifestation through more polished appropriations of the fundamentals I just described took precedence over churning another machination of a hell system that fucking sucks.

This is another aspect I hit the Jungians on, ritual over actual. They prefer opening up and closing a feedback on the synthetic that they can understand. A magician may write something looking a bit like a algorithm, and do their chants and rituals around it, and may be legitimately satisfy by it- I can see this occurring… but it’s utterly useless outside of that play and possible healing in terms of technics and ethical examinations, and limits our toolkit to verbal cues and static visual formulas that the same parts of the brain are going to break down time after time. Until recently, music was the underside and poorly used aspect of alchemy- it’s been around forever, but takes manpower and skill to pull it off for others.

Right now, I am not 100 percent opposed to it, as I’m hitting it pragmatically, but it makes me nervous that we’re conditioning ourselves to a limited mindset… such as your ‘2d holographic universe’.

Dammit, I wanna live 3-d with the muddy complications, I wanna learn how to use who I am in new ways, and solve the problems of philosophy, and not just through self hypnosis or toying with elements of a visual collective unconscious and chant back at it. That doesn’t fill the stomach, nor raise the barn, nor bury the dead. Limited medicinal use.

I didn’t say 2D universe.

But your reading comprehension is something I’ve accepted is awful.

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I can read.

That’s why I know I’m right.