Learning Chess

Hello. I have just discovered gameknot.com . I had been playing chess on yahoo, but you have to finish the game in one sitting, and I just wasn’t “learning” very well that way – I just plain suck, that’s all there is to it.

So, I need it slowed down a bit. There’s this site where I was playing Scrabble with a friend, and you don’t have to finish it in one sitting (if anyone is interested, let me know – I’m alright at Scrabble if you’re looking for a challenge) – so I did a Google lookin’ for something similar but with ‘chess’ – and on gameknot.com , you get notifications of your turn via e-mail, and you play at your leisure (you can take up to 14 days to make your move).

I am definitely not going to be a challenge at this point (playing chess), so anyone looking for one should not play me. I am actually looking for a ‘teacher’ of sorts – someone who can explain why the move I made is stupid, or who can suggest and explain a good move… that sort of thing – or however chess is taught in-action…

I am SheTM on gameknot.com if you’d like to “challenge” (haha!) me to a game.

I used to travel to chess tournaments with a man who taught chess for a living. He charged $21 an hr. He is the only person who has won the Va state chess tournament in three different decades. If your understanding of the game is really rudimentary almost any stronger player can help you some. I used to play on the internet chess club ICC. They have tournaments, lessons (some given by computers), etc. You can learn a lot there. There are also books and software. The software is basically of two varieties. You have chess engines that can play you and the better programs will even give hints or even play at a level only slightly better than yours to give you the maximum benefit. The other software is a database that gives the best opening moves and the percentage of wins/losses for each response. A good cheap program that combines both is chessmaster. Fritz is also good (and a better database, at least the version i last looked at). Chessbase is the premiere database program but prohibitively expensive. You may want to look at playing a computer or even one of those cheap $39 hand held jobs. You can save your game and resume it at any time. Happy mating!

Thankyou, Marshall :slight_smile:

Marhsall would know. He gave me a spanking on ILP. You can also play here if you wished.