left or right?...or away?

I am more of a…

  • democrat
  • republican
  • independant
  • i hate politics
  • liberal libertarian (reserved for FtheNaysayrs)
  • 0tHer…
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just curious…

I’m a conservative.

Libertarian, baby- thru and thru. :sunglasses:

Politics are nothing more than gossip. it only takes one idiot to nullify any say you have in a democracy.

My views are generally Libertarian, though I prefer not to assign labels, as they tend to give people an impression that may not be accurate.

i support equality/human freedom and the right to fight for it.
freedom fighter.

I hate politics and the facist conservatives or neo-con, and the dictatorial communist lefties along with the we-don’t-care-freedom-for-some-not-for-others, centarians.
Fuck democracy and all its other alternatives because if the people want to opress the peolpe opress. Fuck anarchism, it’ll bring death to us all.

Lets have some equal rights and common sense.
Cure prisoners before releasing them, and let people do what they want to do to themselves in their own home.
I own my life, not god, the government or the bloody church!

cheers, mat. Party politics suck, and blind thoughless adherence to ideologies of any kind is terribly dangerous.


Another Conservative here, as though that weren’t obvious.

The problem with this, is we can’t answer without getting labels stuck to our foreheads. Still, How about fiscal conservative/social liberal? As close as I can get.

An interesting definition of democracy I read somewhere:

“Democracy is three wolves and one sheep sitting down and deciding what to have for lunch”.


Yeah, I guess I’d have to say I’m a social conservative, fiscal idiot.

I believe in the Soul. The Dick. The Pussy. I believe that the novels of Susan Sontag are completely overated. I believe that O J Simpson was guilty. There should be a Constitutional Amendment outlawing the DH hitter on turf fields. I believe Hemingway was drunk before he ever touched a pen. I believe masturbation is something that can be done solely or mutually. I believe in Christmas morning presents rather than night. I think people should get $200 for passing Go. I believe in 45 yr old retirement. I believe in eating a woman before making love to her. I believe Annika Sorenstam should play w/ Tiger Woods in the Open. I believe Houdini was a trick. I think bottles of water should be sold for 50 cents. I believe Britney Spears has a wedgie from her thong before every interview. I believe in long, slow, wet kisses that last 3 days.


I think some of those are on Burger King wrappers now, but I could be remembering wrong.

Actually most of them are from “Bull Durham” (arguably the best sports movie of all times, but that’s another topic).

(Maybe “Rocky” is better…)

8 men out


I actually had a tough time deciding. I find myself becoming more libertarian each and everyday. The liberal tendancies are starting to fade away, though I still have them.

Although, I should have voted independent since I am one and will never join an actual political party. I don’t believe in fighting for a party, I believe in fighting for my issues.

There’s a lot of things that I like about libertarian philosophy. However, I think that it falls apart in many different ways.

I like the idea of people being free to choose how to live their lives, but also see that when people that use drugs make bad decisions then others have to pay. Many current laws restrict the rights of the individual for the public good and that makes a lot of sense to me. At the same time, I would like to see drugs decriminalized, but that’s because I think that criminalization causes more harm than good to both the individual and society.

Anyway, the thing that really makes no sense to me is the libertarian attitude toward welfare and other social programs. I can understand that they believe that people must pay the consequences for their actions, but if I am the child of an alcoholic or gambler, then why should I have to pay the consequences for their actions?

The philosophy has some good ideas but I don’t think that it is too well thought out and it does seem geared toward the middle-class and the rich that have already made it. It seems like an rationalization to not have to pay taxes.

I also find it absurd that the rich and middle-class consider themselves to be “responsible” when it is the case that that most of us got that way via the deeds and luck of our ancestors. You can’t claim to have done what you didn’t do.

However, despite all of that, I do think that the ideas upon modification could be useful.