Lesson learned

As many of you know, because of circumstances beyond
my control, I am looking for work because of a medical
issue that prevented me from working at my last job.
So I am out there looking for a job, I decided to begin
with some easy lobs, meaning looking for jobs that given
my past should be easy to get, and doesn’t require much
effort given I haven’t looked for a job in over ten years.
I applied at a manager’s job in a very well known
business as store manager. Given my history, it
should be a slam dunk, untilllllllllll.
I believe in honesty, I really do, so I thought I would be
honest with this company and tell them why I left my
last job. I got a phone call from the district manager,
a women named Jennifer, and the conversation went
something like this,

Jennifer: With your resume, we want to consider you
for a manager job somewhere on the peninsula,
are you still interested?

Me: I am still interested, but we are talking
about a manager’s job, correct, not supervisor or
assistant manager, but manager? right?

J: Yes, store manager.

Me: Then that should work out ok then.

J: what do you mean?

Me: Well in my experience, store managers don’t
have to lift as much and in my case that should work out
well? This leads me back to why I am leaving my job,
we have to move over 4000 pounds a day in library books,
well 9 years of moving those 4000 pounds caught up with me,
and it cause me an injure that force me to leave my job.

J: (pause) what kind of injury?

Me: basically a neck injury and I had surgery and
the doctor said I am just as good as new, he
just doesn’t want me lifting anymore then 30 pounds,
and as manager, it would be rare for me to lift 30 pounds.

Notice the shift from 60 to 0 in 3.8 seconds.

J:Well what we expect is people be able to lift 50 pounds,
and that sounds beyond your reach. so we need to consider you
for a supervisor position, which might, (might) lead you
to a manager’s position in time.

K: I got whiplash from her braking from manager to
supervisor in nothing flat. We agreed to a meeting tomorrow,
but not for manager, she refused that, but only for supervisor.

I learned a very important lesson, once again.

Once again, I learned honesty is not the best policy.
Lies and lying seem to be only way to go.
If there has been a victim of the modern age, it
has been the truth. I tried to be honest and do the right
thing and what did I get for my effort? Certainly not a job.
I know she’ll find a way not to hire me tomorrow in any job
capacity. It will be clean, sterile and as swift as a

I have learned my lesson, again.

One cannot be honest in this modern age,
lies and lying is a surefire means of
succeeding in this world. IMP is right about this, and
yet he shouldn’t be taking pleasure from this because it says
lying, dishonesty, falsehoods are the means to succeed.
We call ourselves the greatest country on earth, because
we stand above the others and yet our road to success
is no different then corrupt Mexico or any other
corrupt country. How do the lies and lying make us
number one? We certainly can’t take the high moral road
(not with the acceptance of torture as standard operating
procedure in the war on terrorism) and pretend we are better
then anybody else. IMP would defend this as, the key
is getting ahead and nothing else matters, but getting ahead.
Lying, cheating, stealing are fair game because the
key is getting ahead. I believe this lying, cheating, stealing
not only kills the soul, but because people are basically
good and honest, it creates irreconcilable conflicts within
people. We teach our children (I know I have) to be honest,
we hear from the church, schools, morality plays, that honesty
is the only policy and yet to be honest is certainly not acceptable
in this modern world. Try being honest to your boss, you will
soon be looking for a new job. Try being honest to one’s spouse,
and you will soon be looking for a new spouse. This modern
world is build on lies and lying, and we pay a terrible price
in the cost to our souls. I for one, feel terrible when I have
to lie to someone and I know most people feel the same way.
(its called conscience/soul) Is getting ahead so important that
I too must join the modern world and lie to get ahead?

I have grown up with the idea that anything built
on lies, is sooner or later doomed to failure.
I have learned on many occasions that lies
have a way of being found out and always by
the person you least want to know about the lie.
If for no other reason, I feel society is doomed
because it is based on lies and lying. One may defend
lies as “everybody does it”. I reject that notion
because you can’t have a society based on lies.
A society based on lies cannot succeed because
if everyone lied, who can you trust? Relationships of
all kind depend on trust, spouses, friends, working
relationships, families. The very fabric of society depends
on people telling the truth and yet we don’t.
How do we solve this dilemma?



I find the truth is such that it can be manipulated so as to put the onice (sp?) on the other person’s intelligence. I could go into the details of where this originated, but for lack of patience on my part let’s just call it the ‘Aes Sedai’ method.

So, say I were to get pulled over by the police.

My parents: Anything happen today we should know about?

Me: Well, I had to pull the car over today while the police investigated some sort of trouble that was occuring on that street.

You get the idea. It’s very female, but hey… the Aes Sedai were all women too.


p.s. gobbo- the aes sedai are not all female

Good luck, PK. It might not be what you want, but perhaps it would be a good “fall back position.” May as well play the same game- accept the job while looking for a better one.

Peter - don’t be an idiot. Lie through your teeth. And don’t pretend that we live in a less ethical time than in the past. People have always lied. You are referring to your childhood, when the stakes weren’t as high. That is the only difference. You volunteered an answer to a question that wasn’t asked. That is not honesty, it’s stupidity. Do you think these people will always tell you the truth? there is a difference between honesty and suicide.


In Rand’s time they were. Unless you wanna count the Asha’man. Either way… the females were the only ones bound by the oaths.

I never did get around to reading the end of the series…

Another liberal wanting to make excuses about why to lie…

As an aside: I know a few attorneys that specialize on these type of discriminatory practices. If you are interested, I can pass the information along. Don’t let them break you.


the series isn’t quite finished yet

rand himself was aes sedai… and yes, the asha’man were the male aes sedai… remember the forsaken? they were both male and female aes sedai before the breaking…

but yes, the females were the only ones bound by the oaths


After a couple of good night sleep and
the lady at the big corporation blowing me off,
I see what I must do.
The good night sleep is what did the trick for me.
I realise that lying and cheating does not get me a good
night sleep, being true to what I believe in, that is what gets
me a good night sleep. I can live with myself better if I
remain honest and true. So that is what I shall do, even
if it means I don’t get the job I want, I will tell them the truth.


RJ said in an interview that he had in mind exactly what was going to happen at the end when he started writing the first book. He said he only intended for it to be about 3-4 books.

It’s been what… it’s gotta be at or exceeding 10 years now, and last time I checked there were 9 books? I think I only made it to 7

yeah, I heard the last book (#12) is due out in 08… it will probably be at least 1500-2000 pages



dude, I wouldn’t take honesty so extremely. If you were honest all the time, you would tell your overweight friend that they look like shit. And then you would be honest . . . and also an asshole. (so if you are against being an asshole, and loosing friends, then you gotta balance out your idea of honesty and dishonesty)

Honesty all the time equals being a dick to other people, and fucking yourself over too.

Think instead about circumstance, intention and desire.

I like being honest as well. I also think it is vital for the soul and for any relationships etc, but look at the circumstance and who you will hurt or not hurt.

My idea of morality is who get’s hurt. Think of it in terms of this paradigm instead. It is more balanced in the overall picture, at least for me.