Lessons of futility

A comfortable bed is laid for you,
And in it you must lie,
The world outside is scary still,
Stand and you might die.

Mellifluent words are whispered in,
Your gentle obedient ears,
Your staring eyes wide open as,
You learn of how to fear.

Curious yet, you try to rise.
Yet with righteous wrath,
Struck down by master,
You learn to do the math.

With each pained push up,
Your bed grows ever worse,
Of your tiresome efforts,
You will learn to curse.

Learn to lie and go to sleep,
Waking is too hard,
After all, it’s for your good,
That you don’t go far.

The dangers that you hear of,
Seem all too true,
The sounds you hear around,
A chaotic slew.

Chains rattle, voices moan,
Screams are heard,
Never joyous cries or praise,
Or the song of birds.

Why must you keep on standing?
Learn to love your bed of nails,
Learn to sleep as you’re pained,
Passivity never fails.