Lethal vs. Non-Lethal

Why aren’t lethal weapons globally illegal?

Because then someone would make a lethal weapon and then make their own set of laws

Because I can kill you with a pencil. You’d be dead before you hit the ground, and barely stain the carpet.
A pencil is not a lethal weapon until it is used as such.
So what?
Should we make everything illegal as soon as some Einstein figures out how to kill someone with it? Some of us can be quite creative!
Heck, we’d be hammering nails with our (illegal) foreheads.
The lawmakers think that as they make more illogical/ idiot restrictions to our lives that we think that they are earning their salary. I don’t!

Because people like them.

How would be slaughter livestock?

throttle them with our forks?

What’s wrong with lethal weapons?

A distinction should be made between a ‘lethal weapon’, which as nameless says can be anything, and something produces purely to cause harm.

Hard to argue a pencil’s primary function is to puncture someone’s eye socket, harder still to argue a gun isn’t made to put a bullet through someone.

And we should not hunt wild game?

You’ve always got pencils, faust.

How many deer do you kill with a magnum?

Every one you hit.

But if you read the OP, that question is not pertinent:

While every mag is a lethal weapon, not every lethal weapon is a mag.

Not to get too logical, or anything.

I’m talking about things like guns and bombs, folks … but you already knew that. I’m talking about the morality regarding the creation of lethal weapons in the first place. In turn, a remark like “because people like them” means “because people like killing and hurting things.” Okay. That makes it appropriate? Something we’re supposed to stand behind as a species?

Perhaps I should rephrase the question: Why is there not a global outrage about this?

You can kill me with your bare hands, too. That misses the point. And basically you’re saying that using lethal force on a human being is okay because they have the capacity to do the same to you. Am I reading that right? Well what about the alternatives? That’s my point. Tranquilizer guns, etc. If the argument centers around self-protection (and not malicious destruction) then the question still remains: why LETHAL weapons opposed to NON-LETHAL weapons? Unless the intent is MURDER, why the need for lethal force opposed to mere incapacitation?

So lethal weapons aren’t illegal because, if they were, there would be illegal lethal weapons?

Hmm …

Who said we should be killing animals?

We should kill animals?

Not at all. The point is that objects are objects. They don’t jump up and harm people of their own accord. What is the ‘problem’ is the action, not the tool. If you try to make every tool/object illegal that can possibly be used lethally, there would be nothing left legal. (Is the FBI going to collect the illegal rocks in my yard as evidence?)
It is sucking poor thinking that seeks to control human behavior by outlawing ‘things’. Just such bad thinking…
Make my hands illegal too while you are at it.
Tasers, that have killed people (and are considered torture devices by civilized countries… UN) are considered ‘non lethal’. Tell their remaining families…

the universal ban on lethal weapons will be enforced by blue helmeted buffoons who will threaten penalty of being lethally attacked with a lethal weapon if your lethal weapons are not immediately surrendered to said enforcers…

who needs equality when you can have certain people with lethal weapons… these people know what is best and right so shut up and be their slave…

I see dead liberals



Why should we not? Animals kill animals. And there was a time when many animals would kill us, if we let them. Weapons were surely once used to protect us from predators.


My point then is that the OP should be better qualified. Clearly we descend to absurdity banning everything that could be a lethal weapon, but some things, mag’s included, are clearly built purely to be lethal weapons.

We cannot control how things will be used or indeed misused, but we can control things that are designed solely for the purpose of causing lethal harm.