Let's blame the gays...

I want to:

  • Pass the buck
  • Blame the gays
  • Blame god
  • Blame Muslims/Terrorists
  • Blame Thirst4Metal
  • Stop passing the buck
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Hello Everyone,

Some of you anti-religious zealots mimic your opposition’s techniques so much it’s disgusting:

Let’s blame the gays!
Let’s blame religion!
Let’s blame the blacks!
Let’s blame the Muslims!
Let’s blame the Asians!
Let’s blame ‘x’!

In other words, let’s pass the buck.


Wide-scale problems are rarely ever simple.

Morons want to scape-goat things, but that’s not gunnu work anyways.

There have been alot of them lately… (perhaps myself included, hence I’ve lately cut down on my zealotry.)

jees… are you asking us to claim a little self-responsibility?

I blame the schools… :stuck_out_tongue:

I blame THIRST! :stuck_out_tongue: Why wasn’t that a choice? :evilfun:

it… was a choice. that’s who i blamed.

Hmmm…indeed it is! :blush: I can’t read.

Withdrawn. :laughing: (I now vote keep blaming Thirst!:evilfun: ).

I decided to blame thirst, that’s the brotherly thing to do.

Technically, I would have voted for all except the last option, if it were possible, top three would be

  1. Blame thirst
  2. Blame Muslims
  3. Blame gays/religion … can’t decide on that one.


I, personally, choose to blame ignorance. That wasn’t one of the options.

I’m more popular than gay people!